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Hey Michael? How about only paid DP users get to log in on heavy traffic nights?

That way the site content could remain dynamic, it would be another perk of paying to be a part of the site, and for those who have to look at the site read only, at least there would be commenting going on etc.

Just a thought. Love the daily paul though, even in read only mode!

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I'm not a paying user

and I think it's a good idea..
They should get some perks

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That is not a bad idea - thank you.

I will look into it.

One of the problems with the Daily Paul is that it is free. As we all know, demand for any free service is ... infinite. But how does one continue to provide a free service with infinite demand without being compensated for the resources required to keep putting it out. In the case of the Daily Paul, that precious resource is time.

What I like about this idea is that it is a peak service usage fee. It is only during peak service times (like tonight), that we run into the constraints.

Craigslist is free, except for certain ads - job listings in the top 10 cities, I think. And that subsidizes and keeps the rest of the site free.

This is an interesting idea. Thank you muchly for it.

In the mean time, those who are not subscribers may do so here:


Thank you all.

He's the man.

How Much?

I'm in to pay to keep DP going. What's the charge?

With Freedom Comes Responsibility

you can subscribe and get an

you can subscribe and get an ad free daily paul (which loads much faster) at http://www.dailypaul.com/subscribe

That would be awesome!

Every non-paid New Hampshire voter would try to log on to tell us tales from the Campaign Trail and be met with the vile "404".

Excellent way to stifle the free flow of ideas!

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i thought thats what we've got now

aren't we looking for a "fix" to that?

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No, if you're not paid, you

No, if you're not paid, you just wouldn't be able to log in to comment. The site would still be available to read and learn from, and would have dynamic and new content as the night progressed. The other alternatives are for the site to have stale information or to not be available at all.

I suppose it could be set to allow only paid members AND IP addresses from NH to log in to comment.

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It would certainly

be an incentive for more users to become paying members. I think this is a nice perk for those of us contributing our money to keep the site rolling. Though, allowing only us to comment is a little too much.. how about just allowing us paying members to be signed in to post new content, since you cant post if your not signed in.

But, if its not an option, so be it. I'll be here, either way.. Just a matter of whether i will be signed in or not..

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What are you doing here?

Listen, I wasn't suggesting

Listen, I wasn't suggesting we ask the government for a bailout to solve this problem, just trying to apply some capitalist economics to see if we could have a stable and dynamic daily paul on elections nights.


spoken like a corporation that pays off political candidates... since we're paying the big dollars, only we should have an opinion. wow. just wow.

Well no it's about making

Well no it's about making sure the DP doesn't crash like it did during Iowa. There are people on the ground in NH that need to feed us information. I like posting too but for primaries, if it helps keep the DP up and running, I have no issue with only being able to read for the evening.

Actually no, it's simply a

Actually no, it's simply a resource issue. The server can only handle so many people logged in at a given time. The choices are to find a fair way to limit who is logged in so that some people can still comment and the sites content can remain dynamic, don't allow anyone to comment (by setting the DP to read only mode) which provides a very static and somewhat uninteresting site to follow the evening by, or allow a free-for-all and the site will crash and nobody will be able to read anything.

It's simply supply and demand man.

For instance, if you could

For instance, if you could serve up enough supply to meet a little more than your current demand for paid subscriptions, then set a threshhold, that when the server load reached that demand level, all non-paid users would be logged out and paid subscribers would stay logged in.

Don't know how hard this would be programatically, but it seems possible.

Also it direcly address the supply and demand problem that occurs, especially on busy nights. If you set the cut off at a little below what the actual server capacity is, then you could also pick up some new subscribers during those times.

Limit it to folks maxed out on RP's campaign

How about if you've spent $2,300.00 on Ron Paul's campaign then you can post?

Not a bad idea either. Dunno

Not a bad idea either. Dunno how you'd do it programatically though.

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i lke this idea!

its already worth a thousand times more than what few pennies a day that it costs to subscribe...this will make it worth even more!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I actually like this idea. I

I actually like this idea. I do not pay (thanks Michael!) and would prefer to have the DP operational for such events. I vote this thread up.

On the other hand people may be more interested in subscription

if Nystrom & co sort out the forum capacity issue first (and also sort out this visibility bug while they're at it :>