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Ron Paul Changes Lives (Video)

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She is beautiful

Full of good sense.

She says a LOT of good things

She says a LOT of good things and truly gives me hope for the future of our country! TY for posting.


Very happy she has realized what's important in life, and WHY how we think is so important, and that we don't let the CORRUPT POLITICIANS or the MEDIA, or the GOP's actions and manipulations affect our core beliefs.

The country is CHANGING. Both Republicans and Democrats are sick and tired of the D.C. (dirty & corrupt) politicians and especially the MONEY CONTROLLERS (the FED) and their cohorts, the Wall Street BIG BAILED OUT BANKERS. Americans are now beginning to align ourselves against the establishment, and that is good.

I'm so glad we are waking up and I know all my neighbors are FED UP with both parties. And, we don't want our boys dying for the sake of Israel, when they send NONE of their own soldiers to fight and die in the Middle East, right? If Obama starts a war, it will be the end of this DYNASTY, because quite frankly I don't see it surviving. This will be their undoing.