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Dallas Morning News - I am shocked and encouraged - Front Page

Straight forward. No attacks (except for the scant mention of non-youth support). Maybe the party bosses finally DO realize they cannot win without us, and they are actually believeing Obama is worse than their guys.


As for Paul, he has a simple explanation for why young people are following him.

“Freedom is popular,” he said.

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I am shocked too - I actually receive this paper daily

This is the first time I can remember seeing him on the front page of the actual paper. A great article too. Usually there is very limited coverage of him. Sad especially since it is the main paper in Dallas. I think the revolution is getting so big now the MSM is having a harder time concealing and smearing us. But they won't quit trying!

What a photo!

I honestly had to look twice - was this a Dees illustration? But no, the rapt look on those young women's faces is geniune. The entire photo is slightly leaning to the left - the young woman is reaching out to RP to pull things back to upright. In the back is chaos, and there lurks a rather sinister character, not smiling, but in the center (and I am sorry, dude. You are probably like RP's body guard and a fine human, but in this photo, you hold the image of a dark side of humanity, and you characterize it well.) But the light plays across RP's face, and across the slightly red hair of the young lady whose hand he shakes.
I just love this image.

Love or fear? Chose again with every breath.

Excellent article.

I hope many of us register and thank the writer.

Sure is..ty for posting.

Sure is..ty for posting.