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Huntsman speach at Exiter Town Hall

Check out the final speech by Huntsman at the Exiter Town-hall on C-span.


The man gives a good speech.
Some of this hope could be incorporated into Paul's message.

I hope the link works.

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He may can talk the talk...

but once he's in office he'll be like the rest. He can't walk the walk. Ron Paul or bust.

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I wanted to make sure to

I wanted to make sure to comment on why I down voted.

I do agree with the idea that any candidate can learn something for the others in the field. For example, Huntsman is a decent speaker and is good at speaking clearly and staying coherent but some of this may work against him as it does make him almost sound too polished at times. The one definite thing I think the Paul campaign may be able to pick up as a strategy from Huntsman is the positive vibe and the sense of being above the fray. I'm from Michigan and our acting governor Rick Snyder won his campaign precisely for this reason. Snyder kept a very positive message and refused to reduce himself into bickering and demagoging. I think Ron Paul does a great job at this however I think that because of his history in politics he can come off slightly defensive in certain situations. But really can you blame him? Have you seen how the mainstream media treats him?

I down-voted because overall I think John Huntsman's message is weak and appeals more to the "lets get along so we can pass more legislation" crowd than the libertarian and conservative crowd that Ron Paul is winning over. Any attempt to water down the message of liberty I think will damage Ron Paul's core and risk making him fade into the fog of the status-quo along with all the other candidates.

Remember Ron Paul's message is the reason why people are supporting him. Of course the man himself his great and should respected deeply for his service to our country, as an accomplished doctor, a well educated student economics, a long standing uncorruptable member of congress but first and foremost for being one of the strongest advocates of liberty that this country has ever seen in modern times.

BTW, from what I could see in NH it looks like in the majority of the counties that Paul lost to Romney that it was where Huntsman did particularly good. I believe that this might indicate that while Paul got the independent and conservative votes, he was second probably to Huntsman in getting Democrats' votes and thus if Huntsman would drop out it may actually help Ron Paul more than others may think. Probably a good reason for this is the slight overlap that Paul and Huntsman have on the issue of getting troops out of Afghanistan.

He is also

effeminant and likely a closet (*&*&^*&^*)... No one can learn anything from this fraud. He is a Romney with a spoon of sugar added. How he turns his head down to the side and raises his eyebrow... He needs to go work at Disney land. Maybe he can get a spot as a Never Land Pirate with the other 2 (*^(&^(* ).

Gimmie a freekin break... another fraud globalist