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Blatant MSM Blackout of Ron Paul on New Hampshire Primary Morning

This is arguably the most important day of Ron Paul's campaign. He got his ticket out of Iowa and received a much deserved boost in the New Hampshire polls. A credible showing today, and he threatens to make this into a two man race between himself and Romney; a position that could be a tipping point in the election.

He has been in a solid second place in New Hampshire, and has recently been closing in on the prohibitive favorite.

As the candidate in second place, he would be expected to capture a significant number of the last minute, "anyone but Romney" votes.

But only if people see him as the "second place" candidate.

This morning, the Google News front page does not mention Ron Paul at all. Even the "Elections" page has only one article about Ron Paul, "POLITICO Unloads On Ron Paul - POLITICO's writers James Hohmann and Charles Mahtesian took Texas Rep. Ron Paul's campaign which they find has not nearly enough “hope and change” rhetoric for their liking.".


A search on the NPR website for "New Hampshire" yields a page of results about the first in the nation primary, but NOTHING about Ron Paul.


On NPR's Morning Edition they had a lengthy report about Newt Gingrich and his SuperPac attack ads on Romney and a piece about Jon Huntsman's high hopes for New Hampshire. They even had a sound bite from Santorum. But only mentioned Ron Paul's name once.

In an article from their website they speak of Ron Paul's second place standing but quickly add,"That doesn't mean he would be on his way to the GOP nomination. The likelihood of a majority of Republicans voting for Paul as their party's nominee is low, to put it politely, and Paul has even said publicly he doesn't expect to be the nominee."

This is, of course consistent with the CNN description of Ron Paul as a "protest candidate".

So the message remains, if you want to have a say in who will become the next President of the United States, vote for ANYONE but Ron Paul.

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Wait, what?

"...Paul has even said publicly he doesn't expect to be the nominee."

When and where did he say this?

There should be another headline in NH today

Huntsman Fails to Make Ballot in 3 States: Virginia, Illinois and Arizona

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I'm seeing reports like

1. Tie for second place
2. Romney's got this locked up
3. Paul's stalling
4. Don't look now, but Huntsman is "surging"
5. Will Paul now go 3rd party, now that his chances are over?

More bullshit than any one sane person should have to endure. I'm thinking that the campaign needs to capture this blackout message somehow. People are easily duped, yet they don't appreciate it when they realize it. If this sentiment could be captured, it could prove very powerful.

Same old story as Iowa. Beat the war drums for the next flavor of the month to "surge" the poll, just in the nick of time to nudge out any success of Ron Paul. I just hope Americans will wise up to this TODAY!

alan laney

I wonder why...

I wonder why Americans think they are free when they can't even have a political campaign without huge media involvement, interference and bias. I wonder why they can't have a electoral vote without fear of voter fraud. I wonder why they can't elect the only candidate in favor of peace over war, even though 75% of Americans want out of the wars. I wonder why they think a peace candidate is dangerous. I wonder why they promote candidates who cannot win and demote candidates who can. I wonder why they choose to listen and be guided by media talking heads and pop celebrities instead of the candidates. I wonder why Americans think they are the freest and most prosperous nation on earth when they cant even have a fair election

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Propaganda is powerful.

As proven by all dictators.

Great post. It's exactly why

Great post. It's exactly why we are also using propaganda to sway people to our side.

information, ideas, or rumors deliberately spread widely to help or harm a person, group, movement, institution, nation, etc.

No, we use the truth.

Hufff Post

One article at the very botttom of "Politics", all the other candidates have at least 2 or 3 articles each.

When there are five

When there are five candidates running for the same nomination then any but the clearest front runner if he is objective would admit that he's probably not going to win. That doesn't mean that he doesn't want to, or that that he's a protest candidate. Is Santorum a "protest candidate"? He's certainly unlikely to win (fortunately).

My local paper

My "local" Long Island, NY paper (Newsday) has a huge 2-page spread about the NH primary. 4 LARGE pictures of Romney, Santorum, Huntsman, and Gingrich. 3 articles about the Primary and the race in general... NOT ONE WORD about Ron Paul in ANY article or picture. NOT ONE!!! I even showed my wife i was so ticked-off.

Yes, operation "establishment candidate surge" is in full swing

MSNBC, CNN & Fox News have become venues of non-stop Huntsman infomercials all morning. Also Santorum has reared his blah haired head in multiples of live interviews (before noon over there in New Hampshire

On Politico.com last night I saw a list of seven highlighted


Three of them were about Huntsman.

Phone Numbers

Ron Paul has the volunteers and the phone numbers to get out the vote.

Romney, on the other hand, has an uphill battle since presumably, each voter will think he doesn't need theirs to win.

Let the media commit suicide. They've lost our trust already, and this'll just make it obvious.

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