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This is Really Encouraging!

This is off of Lew Rockwell this morning. The interview is with a former democrat, who eloquently explains how Ron Paul changes hearts and minds, which will change the world.



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It is heatening to hear that many former Democrats

are awakening to the truth.

I know, and Democrats who are anti-war are who we need.

I find it is hard to convert evangelical hard core republicans, but enthusiastic Democrats who are disappointed in the broken promises of Obama are ripe for the pickings. Encouraging indeed!

This girl, Angel, has been on

This girl, Angel, has been on the Glenn Beck show a few times back in the day when he was on FOX.


I didn't see this before... just awesome! :)

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Folks, Please Search Before Posting

This was already posted (unless you posted first). I realize that good news is worth sharing, but it helps if you simply bump the prior post.

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I am sorry.

I did try and search, but guess I did not do a very good job. Anyway, it is such an encouragement to see this former Democrat, who is so lovely, confident and peaceful, a real thinker, and she attributes it to Ron Paul and his message changing her and many around her. I really hope many will see this video and post to Facebook, to Obama supporters, and to everyone. We do need some encouragement today. :) Spread the good news! And be encouraged in the process.

This Ron Paul supporter is awesome

She is sincere, enthusiastic and articulate. I hope that the Ron Paul Campaign hires her.
She would do a great job.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God.

Great Video! What An Astounding Woman!...

My God, what a beautiful thoughtful meditation on what it is to be an American and to be free. Angel Robinson should have a role in the campaign she is so persuasive. And this video should be embedded on the front page.

I wholeheartedly agree.

I wholeheartedly agree. Outstanding video. This girl is an example to the world of why Ron Paul is devoting his life to this cause. His reward is knowing that he has forever opened the minds and hearts of the Angel Robinsons of the world, as he has affected all of us here. We are collectively, as Tom Woods describes us, "The toothpaste that won't go back into the tube" for the MSM establishment. We work to win this election, but, win or not, the work, the movement will continue to grow and WILL, without a doubt, return this country to Liberty.

I agree as well, we really need encouragement like this.

My friends on Facebook are getting a little freaked out about my dire posts about the indefinite detention act and most of them think that Ron is not electable. This certainly is uplifting for us all, but certainly to spread the message in a positive light to Democrats. Post it on your Facebook and you will see what encouragement it brings. :). ( thanks mods for embedding the video.)

This is just unbelievable...

... something is afoot in this country and the media has no clue... I can't stand the energy and excitement... everyday brings something totally new and mind blowing... actually every couple of hours now... I thought I've seen it all with that laser outside Newt's office.. and then I click on this video... oh my goodness... bring on the next money bomb...

Plano TX