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Vermont Primary: Did Ron Paul get on the ballot? The deadline was yesterday.

Did Dr. Paul get on the ballot before the deadline yesterday?

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VT Open Primary

Its an independent-minded state. One of 2 states that was a Republic before joining the Union.

Dr Paul will resonate in VT.

VT Open primary: http://www.bluerepublican.org/welcome-to-blue-republican/ver...

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Early voting has started in Vermont Primary

Early voting has started in Vermont according to this article.

Would be a great opportunity to get all the college students to vote. The ones who don't show up on Primary day. I believe it is an open primary.

But of course, easy for me to say. Just asking whether we're organised for this?


Secondly, we did fantastic in western NH. The border to Vermont is green from Ron Paul victories.


Is there any Democrat trying to fight Obama?

Is there any Democrat trying to fight Obama?

Sure is!

And take a look, "Rich" Santorum is on there too, haha!

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Perhaps the campaign

... could issue a statement that would give us assurance that they have people on the watch to ensure full compliance in all states...

Plano TX

Take responsibility for your OWN state...

...and if you see a problem, contact campaign HQ.


Yes he did. Google it and you should get a story.

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