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Some humor

I have spent tremendous time reading, watching, blogging and talking about Ron Paul the last 5 or 6 months. In fact, it has become a verb in my house. My wife and daughter will chide me for "Ron Pauling". My wife will urge me not to "witness" when we go and visit friends or family. She says I witness for Ron Paul like christians are to witness for Jesus. And I do.

My daughter told me (she's 4) that she was going to draw a picture of her and I and (mommy) and Ron Paul. Ron Paul and I were to be holding hands. yeah, I didn't feel too great about that...when my child is incorporating someone I have never seen in person into her family pictures and artwork.

I haven't had any dreams with Ron Paul in them yet but usually I am so tired from staying up late "Ron Pauling" that I don't get a good night sleep and don't get to have many dreams.

In all seriousness, I tell my wife that, it isn't because I somehow care now about Politics (Paulitics) but rather that I see the error of our ways as a nation and how far we have come. We tend to focus on the foreign policy issues but must remember that most Americans are focused on the economy and Ron is, in my opinion, a genius. I think that's why he has trouble conveying things sometimes to the masses. But, never forget that he is a powerhouse in the economics realm as far as his understanding and predictions go.

I got a bad case of government, the cure, more Ron Paul.

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