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Ron Paul: My Fiscal Message Is Gaining Traction

Presidential hopeful Ron Paul said Monday his slow but steady rise in the polls on the eve of the New Hampshire primary showed that his message is getting out to the Granite State that the world is changing — particularly financially — and the nation’s fiscal priorities need to be changed as well.

“It looks like our message is getting out — and it’s a great state — they believe in a limited government and the issues I’ve been talking about,” Paul told Fox News’ Griff Jenkins. “I think the country and the world has changed — certainly the financial situation has changed, worldwide — domestically as well as internationally. And of course, that was my big issue for many, many years and motivated me to get involved in politics in the 70s, warning about a financial bubble, and warning about the financial system, and the monetary system.

“But we also [have] credibility on the foreign policy, too, because the foreign policy we fought for the past 10 years contributed [to] $4 trillion dollars worth of debt,” Paul said. “That means money spent overseas on these wars was taken away from the people — and that’s why we’re having trouble paying the bills for medical care in this country. And I think it’s coming together — and of course the young people are enthusiastic about these viewpoints.”

Jenkins asked the Texas congressman about claims that Paul’s foreign policy is dangerous, particularly those made by presidential rival Rick Santorum.

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Methinks he is right

Methinks he is right

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