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Forbes's John Tamny & Michael Caputo praise RP's economic policy

EDIT: Not sure why this is getting voted down, but they were saying a lot of really good things about RP & his economics. They don't agree with his foreign policy stance but they were not making fun of him, calling him dangerous or anything like that, they just made a statement of disagreement in there along with all the praise they were throwing out.

I think they had 4 people call in during the later part of the show, and 3 of them were RP supporters. :)


Many good plugs for Ron Paul here. They *really* like his economics, and praised RP's desire to get rid of Bernanke. :)

Monday, Jan 9, 2012


(Keep in mind this is a radio station with some neo-con hosts, airs the Rush show etc.)

So while they like economic policies, they don't really agree with Ron Paul's Foreign Policy stance.

One of them said "If it weren't for his Foreign Policy stance, I would be campaigning for him". Nice! (it was said in a positive way, showing just how much he supports RP otherwise... they also mentioned Jim Ostrowski who is very active here on behalf of RP )

They just need to be educated about about how Ron Paul's policies would actually STRENGTHEN our National Defense.

They may come around, given that they seem to completely understand the economics side - they just need help connecting the dots between economic prosperity & stopping the militarism.

John Tamney (editor of Forbes) said, when asked to clarify if it's true that he thinks "Republicans are not cost cutters, not interested in smaller govt" - "not remotely!", showing he understands most GOP politicians to be big govt, big spenders.

RP supporter calls in at 23:30, 2 other short calls supporting him at about 31:00 & 32:45..

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Two stooges turn up... one still missing...

... "if it wasn't for his foreign policy..." These guys talk about economic plans and then they want to go and fight another trillion dollar war... the lack of analysis is galling...

Plano TX