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King of Bain - Newt Hit Piece on Mitt (Ouch!) - Full Documentary Soon

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The Full Version Now Up - Painful

This goes beyond capitalism IMHO. I believe Ron Paul might call it corporatism:


free press

newt faked his anger and got 2 weeks of INTENSE free press... AND it did damage without anyone even SEEING it.

talk about playing the press like a fiddle.

It'd be hilarious if Newt ended up supporting Paul, but I don't see that happening.


This Can't Be American

It looks like something put out by the communist party.

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And Newtered took 1.6 million

And Newtered took 1.6 million from Fannie-Freddie. What a hypocrite.

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Let's NOT forget....

This "Bain" report needs as much, if not MORE attention... ;)

Everything is SOURCED here too!!!


GO Michigan for Ron Paul GO!!!

Notice that it is not endorsed by any candidate.

That helps Newton save face. His back room dealings are not as bad as Romney's, but he sure the heck manipulated the system for his benefit.

Raising a glass to Newton getting knocked out after SC and taking his corrupt political career with him.


this was done...

...to help Obama!

the media calls it a non aggresion pact

I believe that both Mitt and Paul did not want an all out war. Mitt has the money and we have the foot soldiers.
Gingrich is getting quite a bit of political pressure to let go of the Bain Capital stuff, we will see what happpens. Ron Paul is still not being taken seriously by the media but Newt is.
Romney was publicly insulting and dismissive of Newt when he asked Romney to knock off the negative ads in Iowa. But now the whole GOP is crying that it is too hot in the kitchen over the Bain Capitol ads that almost nobody has seen yet.
I do not lose any sleep over the reputation of the GOP, they are all desperate for us to lay down and accept Romney. And why not? It will just be business as usual for all of the influence peddlers like Goldman Sachs and Washington insiders.
I say let Gingrich lay the facts on the table and if there is nothing there he will be the one to pay the price.
Nice guys can finish second, but unless Romney is taken down a few pegs soon he will be untouchable after Florida.
Gingrich , as loathsome as he is, I am contstantly impressed on how he manages to stay relevant. I do not think Romney could protect liberty even if he wanted to. Gingrich may not want to, but I believe that he can plant a boot into just about any Washington beaurocrat.

I think Ron would like to win

I think Ron would like to win or lose fair and square based on issues and the truth. I think he want a cordial, civil debate on policy and ideas and in order to get there he has to clean out the riff raff first.

Besides, Ron doesn't need to waste time and money attacking Mitt if Gingrich and the rest are going to do it for him.

We really need to get to the place where Ron and Mitt can have a civil debate. IMHO

anyone else

wondering what's going on? I'm finding it confusing that neither Paul or Romney have been very negative towards each other while going after the others. I think I get Mitten's angle. He thinks he'll be the nominee and doesn't want to alienate RP's large and loyal base because he knows no one can win the general election with out it. He knows the other candidates bases will fall in line as they always do. But I wonder why Paul hasn't been more aggressive? There's got to be some strategy, but I can't figure it out.

some say trust the campaign

I say we should have never lost Iowa. If the campaign wants to keep playing it safe Mitt will keep handing us our hat. I know that it is voodoo on this website to question Jessee Benton, but at least Newt is going down with a fight in S. Carolina. Waiting for the 1on1 between Mitt and Ron after all of the other candidates drop out is pie in the sky. They will have dropped out for a reason...a good one. The only thing that the media thinks Ron Paul is good for is being a punching bag to keep Romney practiced before taking on Obama. All of the dialog on TV now is "what does Paul want?"....as in what does the GOP have to pay him off with to play nice.
Not exactly the note I want to end on. This is our country we are talking about...I have serious doubts that Mitt can beat Obama.
Sic em Newt....do not go gently into the night.

Doug Wead Spells it Out


Take out all the other candidates and make it a choice between Paul and Romney and then destroy Romney.

if Ron wins Iowa it does not count and

Whoever comes in second in New Hampshire is only important as long as it is not Ron Paul. This is our sad reality. If Romney gets 25% he is the "certain victor" if Ron Paul gets 25% that is proof of our glass ceiling (to the media).
Somewhere along the line we needed to make a bold statement, and the best resource we have are the supporters. We left gas in the tank looking past Iowa and anyone who thinks we could not have won that state was not there.

There's a rumor floating

There's a rumor floating around that Rand is a possible VP choice for Romney. That they're being civil toward each other with the expectation that Romney's gonna lock up the nomination by securing Ron Paul delegates in a negotiated exchange where Rand Paul is made Romney's running mate. If you think about it, it's incredibly smart from Romney's perspective. He's weakest with Tea Party types and Rand would solidify that base and cruise him right into the White House.

How it bodes for the Liberty movement is another question. I wouldn't want Rand connected with a Romney presidency and a potential war with Iran myself.


wondering if it's not that Ron is running to change things and not just get elected and is trying to remain civil because he views Romney as the most likely nominee if he doesn't get the nomination and wants to stay on good terms so in the event of a close race he has a better chance of getting Mittens to conceed to some of his positions?

"Romney set out with one goal

"Romney set out with one goal in mind, to make a fortune for himself and his shareholders"...um...isn't that what he was supposed to do?

This is a very strange attack coming from a Republican to another Republican.

Not Ron Paul's Message

I only posted this to show what's going on today...not as point of view that I endorse, and certainly not saying that Ron Paul would support this line of attack. Actually, that's just the opposite: http://tinyurl.com/84a2fq3

I just thought it was a pretty powerful hit piece. Once the full "movie" comes out, I'm grabbing some popcorn, milkduds and a root beer.

Interesting to see the reactions to this in this forum.

I think how you see this ad depends on how much you understand free markets and property rights. I'm not surprised that some folks who are new to the cause, especially if they come from the left, may find this line of attack powerful and fair.
Those of us that are used to this line of attack and disagree with the underlying argument can come off cavalier and uncaring though, so I'd caution against that. Human suffering is human suffering, whatever the cause, and in our haste to defend markets and property rights, we shouldn't lose sight of that.
I've often found it one of the toughest parts of the liberty message. It is undeniable that the process of "creative destruction" is an essential component of real economic growth and overall prosperity for all. It is just as undeniable that some folks have to make some very difficult adjustments as a result. We can make the valid argument that even these people are far better off in net due to the overall standard of living in a society where property rights are respected and markets are allowed to work. But it's still cold comfort to someone who gets hit with a difficult transition.
I don't think any speech or bit of logic could have gotten your average lamplighter too excited about electrical lighting in the streets. You don't have to sell out capitalism to feel empathy for people like this.

when rats bite at the feet it is time to start kicking

I guarantee Newt will perform well in S. Carolina.
They are not the type of people who respect those who play it safe.

Woah! Anti-Capitalism??

See my YouTube comment below and please upvote to get to the top!!
So now we're against free markets and capitalism?? I DESPISE Mittens. But not because of his support of capitalism!! I despise him because he supports all the same policies as Dictator For Life Obama. Destruction of civil liberties. Endless illegal and unconstitutional wars. Destruction of our currency. The Patriot Act. The INDEFINITE DETENTION of Americans in the NDAA!
People: wake up. Vote RON PAUL!!!!

Let the pigs play in the mud

RP stays above it all and benefits.

above it all?

I guess you must have not heard about the ads in Iowa against Newt and the ads in New Hampshire against Santorum?
There has been plenty of chatter on this website as to why RP does not take on Mitt in the same fashion.
I myself would rather be the dirty pig with the blue ribbon than the almost clean pig with the red.
I did not get on board to get respect for second place. It is the pigs in Washington that I would rather see on the sidelines.

If Ron plays it cool he will

If Ron plays it cool he will get the majority of Romney voters in the end cause this add should be the beginning of Romney and his political career...!

Ron should point out that it isn't capitalism that's the problem but the insider deals that are given to big corps and that if this is true then Romney is very bad for this country and should step out of the race for POTUS.

Correct me if I am wrong

But, isn't this video painting capitalism itself in a bad light?

I don't know anything about Bain Capital, but this video didn't lead me to believe Romney violated anyone's rights.

So the question is... did Romney and Bain capital violate anyone's rights to make profit?

If it didn't, then this hit piece is just trying to tug at people's emotions and sympathy, and not their rational mind.

Again, I don't know what Bain capital did other than what Romney says it did... but if there was such hard evidence that makes Romney into a financial bully, gangster, thug, etc. then why didn't they use that in the trailer?

If you want to do a hit piece on someone, isn't it more important to show how they violated the rights of other individuals? It's easy to see how Gingrich and Santorum violate the rights of individuals in Ron's ads and other hit pieces... but I don't see that in this hit piece at all.

Yes and No

If this leads to further investigation as to Romney's ties to Goldman Sachs and other Washington insiders I say let it play out.
I have one personal interest in the way that Romney took over companies. Did he raid the workers pension funds as it is often the case?
If he stole money out of the workers pensions I say he deserves no quarter.

Well, don't take me out of

Well, don't take me out of context please.

I never said Romney hasn't violated individual rights in general. I am just saying I heard nothing in this trailer that even remotely convinces me that Bain Capital violated rights to a earn profit.

That's just it - if you're going to do a hit piece on Romney, wasn't there something else to get him on? This just seems like a giant waste of money if this "hit piece" is just more of the same things the trailer talks about. All of this irrelevant if that's the case. It wouldn't persuade me to not vote for Romney if I were a Romney supporter. So what's the point of this hit piece?

Far be it from me to tell Gingrich how to spend his money. Let him waste it. But if Ron is going to attack Romney, it'll be something of truth and substance, not this garbage.

Thank You

That is exactly right.


When a company's assets can be sold for more than the company as a whole, the employees would have been fired when the company went bk anyway.

If there ever was a time for democrat pundits to make fun of establishment republicans over capitalism, it's now. Santorum and Paul are the only candidates not criticizing Romney about Bain.

Fresno, CA

ecorob's picture

whose pockets does it go in?

yours, buddy!

you stand on the podium propped up by years of sweat from the American people whose jobs you cost and did nothing BUT line your pockets with the profits!

where are those companies today?

all GONE!

where is that money?

in this video, i saw a picture of it in your hand and in your vest as you smiled all the way to the bank...

your time is done!

the American people will REJECT you and they will expose your true disdain for the working men and women that made this country great

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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This will kill both of them!

Hold On A Second, Gingrich Has Ties To Private Equity Too

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