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Rand defends Mittens ,

On my way home from work this morning as I work night shift. I had the radio on WLAC. Where as I had listen to George Norey at my 3:00 am lunch break. It's on the Steve Gill show. (A Glenn Beck wannabe without the bipolar problem) To my amazement he is interviewing Rand Paul. I understand that politics does not come with a roster and it is impossible to know whom the bad guys are. This guy has called Ron (and us) every name allowable under FCC regulation. In an attempt to ruin and distort his character. And the only reason is that some of Ron's ideas are different than his. I suppose he is okay with Flip flopping, Bribe taken, Hypocrisy and murder just don't have a different opinion. Well the good things he had to say about Rand and Ron on the interview had my mouth hanging open then comes the part where you want to puke. It's Rands turn and he just puts Mitt up on this high wall and praises him and how MITT'S time at BAIN just showed how great a business man he was on and on. Their is no doubt that Rands time in politics will be different than his Fathers its just that. People often start out with good intentions only to lose themselves along the way. I hope I am wrong in this case http://gillreport.com/multimedia/ Pod cast Jan 10th hr4

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defending economic truth

Rand and Ron are not defending Romney, they're defending the truth. Economic truth.


This is where we prove our credibility and gain more respect.

What did "mittens" do at Bain that was so offensive to you?

Just wondering.


I think a deal has been made

I think a deal has been made that if they help Romney to win then Romney will have Rand as his VP... I could be wrong and hope to hell I am but this stuff just seems a little fishy to me...!? Just a thought...

That May Be True

and it would not displease me for one, however it is still a compromise and an unfulfilling one.

The reality is, this country's, and the world's economic affairs are so out of kilter that nothing less than a Ron Paul Presidency can avert disaster and decades, not years, of painful correction. I don't want to live the last years of my life clawing out an existence thru no fault of my own, after having worked so hard to get where I am. I think a lot of other people feel the same, they just don't understand that a Mitt Romney presidency or a 2nd Obama term will move us closer to the brink - those guys don't even know what they don't know.

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Ron defended Mitt too. The

Ron defended Mitt too. The campaign - i beleive - wants this to be a two-man race as quickly as possible. I wouldn't be suprised if Romney and Paul called a secret truce untill it becomes a two-man race; since Mitt and Ron are going after two different types of Republicans. Mitt is going for the moderates and Ron is going for the conservatives (he has the libertarians locked down). Whatever the case may be Romney has A LOT of money and I'd rather have him spend that money campaigning against Newt or the Ricks.

Did he DWELL on Romney? Because if he did, I am very

disappointed. You can always say the criticism was wrong and reflected a lack of knowledge about capitalism, BUT THAT is where I draw the line.

After a "brief" statement, you move on to RP's business STRENGTHS.

If he didn't do that, and if he instead went on ad nauseum, now THAT is sickening. He might as well have waved a Mitt Romney sign! Oh, dear..