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From a longtime reader, first-time poster...

Hello, my name is Stanton and I'm a 23-year-old author from Kansas City. I've been a Ron Paul supporter since 2008, and I've been obsessively reading about him and following him since. I've gotten very into the liberty philosophy, but I've had a lot of trouble figuring out what exactly my calling is within the field. I've donated to Paul's campaign whenever I've been able, but I'm longing to do more as things heat up. So I joined here and I started my own RP-friendly blog. So far I haven't received a lot of comments or critiques, but maybe some of you can check it out and give me some honest feedback! It's cowboystans.com, and I just finished a report called "Ron Paul So Crazy--a Daily Dose of Doublethink." I've also written about how I went from Obama's bandwagon to Paul's ("But I Got My Philosophy") and reviewed the current race as though it were a tv program ("Republican Reality Show"). I would be much obliged if anyone wants to check it out...


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IF you have the time : would you be interested in doing this?

The $100 Dollar Moneybomb x 200,000 supporters = $20 million!

[[[We are at a critical point in the Campaign.
Last time, 2007, it withered away after NH (with Diebold rigging the Votes)and Media blackout ensued.
Now with the current situation we have a chance because the field is weak, only money and media is poor.]]]

If the Campaign knows how many donors Ron Paul has...
I heard Doug Wead say on fox or cnn that Ron Paul has 500,000 supporters.And we are not going away.Sure some may have maxed-out.

But if you know how many there are....say 200,000 supporters!
Make an honest request for Everyone to donate $100 Dollars.

Just tell it to our people PLAIN AND SIMPLE. THEY WILL HELP as much as they can.

"If all 200,000 supporters donate $100 = 20 million Dollars."

That anticipation alone will energize people to participate.

(That will definitely make the news)

Tell the people what is the potential. How if everyone donated $100 which is not that huge, but together, it could be very huge and very powerful.

But the trouble with current Money Bombs is that there is a lot of ambiguity and anxiety right now about the what will happen next and most of the supporters do not have prevy to the Campaign strategy etc.

So we/people dont know what is going on. So it is rightly so that people are holding back a little b/c of the economy etc.

Last time we raised over 6 million (i think) on Tea Party Money Bomb than this time (but with less supporters)

So please consider this.
Also look into (sadly the monthly cycle of when people get paid - every two weeks)

I think if you let the people know - they will respond.

Besides, the more the base grows, the more moneybombs like this you could have, and perhaps even make it to $ 50 daontions from 400,000 people!
The beauty is -> Affordable amount + None maxs out + Comfortable war chest + Campaign can be confident the there will be money there when you ask for it! = BECAUSE IT IS AFFORDABLE EVERYONE and huge impact.

You are a good writer...

...so keep writing!



OK, you asked for a critique, so......

By putting the arguments against Ron Paul in bold, you seem to be giving them more "weight" than your own opinions, which you have in regular text AND parentheses. It's confusing.

I would make it clearer that you are answering what other people say against Ron Paul, maybe writing "CRITICISM:" before the criticism, and "MY RESPONSE:" before your response.

No parentheses, your opinion counts for more than just a parenthetical side note!

changed the style around

i think you were right. it does look better with the defense of Ron in bold instead of the other way around. thank you! if you have anything else, don't hesitate!

Glutton for punishment, eh?

:) You want more advice? Well, the bold doesn't do anything for me as a new reader, and I would still like to see some kind of introduction or cue that you are having an imaginary conversation. Leaving your readers to figure that out for themselves, well into the second paragraph, might turn them off, as they just click away from your page, exasperated. If you want to "hook" people, be more reader-friendly, less cryptic. There's a lot of competition for readers' attention on the internet.

And this is unintelligible to me: Wait a minute, now this is the strangest thing. This isn’t what I want to write at all…In fact, I’ve read this whole ‘Ron Paul is crazy’ spiel before, over and over. Yet the guy has sounded completely reasonable every time I’ve listened to him.

Did you write it, or just read what someone else wrote?

You have some great, strong points, that will really stand out with a clear presentation and more scrupulous editing.

thanks pseudonym

I appreciate the advice. I will probably tinker around with it more, keeping in mind what you suggested. I don't exactly have a huge audience right now so I might just say good enough for now and keep trucking, though! But if you ever want to read anything else I write, I will gobble up any critical insights you may have. good day!

pseudonym, regarding the formatting..

I see where you are coming from, my girlfriend kind of thought the same thing. I kind of did it intentionally, because I wanted the rationale to stand on its own--like how all the crazy opponents of liberty make all this noise and get whipped into frenzy, while Dr. Paul and the liberty people generally try to stay calm and genuine and speak truth lovingly. We are sometimes scoffed at and seen as outliers, or "parenthetical."

Though, I am going to take your advise and take a look at complete reversing the style on this one. I appreciate the feedback sincerely. Aside from your beef with the formatting, did you think it was a halfway decent piece? I'm just starting out with this..

Good piece, excellent points

but the way you are painting the scenario is a little obtuse. Nothing a bit of editing won't fix, if you're game for it.

If you prefer to leave it as it is, well you are at *LIBERTY* to express yourself in whatever style pleases you, and I respect that.


Thank you for your efforts

Welcome to the community.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

thank you quiltingsando

thank you quiltingsando

Quite the writeup!

Welcome and good luck with the blog!

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Thank you so much mwiegand!

Thank you so much mwiegand!