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Revolution Super PAC Calls for Removal of Dana Bash

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I've updated her wikipedia

please feel free to edit for professionalism. i tried to be objective and provided the link to teh PAC press release as supporting docmentatin.


On January 10, 2012 the rEV0Lution Super Political Action Committee, (a Ron Paul Super PAC) called for the Removal of Dana Bash by issuing a press release encouraging viewers to call CNN and ask for Dana's "reassignment" due to multiple instances of her strong questionable bias in terms of covering the 2012 election process. Bash, in her comments about Ron Paul, has taken a leadership position in editorializing the 2012 American election process. Bash' main focus appears aimed at marginalizing Presidential Candidate Ron Paul in an effort to effect the outcome of the 2012 presidential election process.

Two Additions.

Bash is awful, but can we please add David Frum and Alex Castellanos to this, because they're as bad, if not worse, especially Frum.

Done ! Don't forget the Advertisers

..."This is in response to her insulting commentary re: Dr Ron Paul.

She is unfit for the assignment to the NH Vote, and unless you dump her I will no longer tune in to your coverage.

I will also advise all my aquaintances to boycott your advertisers."

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

they got my message

Told them i would no loanger watch until pub apology was made...doubt that will happen though.

What Bash May Have Meant

When I watch the video where everyone seems to believe Dana Bash is saying she is personally worried about Ron Paul I actually see an alternative interpretation. It all hinges on what she was refering to with the statement "just as I am".
a) "I'm sure you talk to Republicans"... ("just as I am" [talking to Republicans]).
b) "...Republicans who are worried as well" (just as I am"[worried].

It's possible she was just guilty of poor english usage. Here's the video again.

so what..

look at the way she conducts every interview with Ron, her demeanor, the phrasing of her questions, it's always 90% negative with a back handed complement thrown in there. Then compare it to the way she interviews everyone else. It has nothing to do with that stupid statement about being worried. Look at the supposed scrutiny Santorum got in MSM compared to Ron Paul for being front-runner. This man wants to regulate internet, regulate porn, made racist comments about blacks and welfare, said that the pursuit of happiness is ruining this country, and that was the best they threw at him. Gingrich has a list twice as long, yet the only negative coverage of Gingrich was when covering the opposing campaigns commericials aginst him.

could be

but if she can't talk straight and ask stupid questions like yesterday then she may not be professional enough to cover a presidential campaign. either way it's a problem.

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I just called how about you???

just said "I would like to express my grievances with the coverage of the Ron Paul campaign by CNN correspondant Dana Bash, who's obvious personal bias against Ron Paul makes her unfit for this assignment, and we demand that she be replaces with a more objective journalist" something along those lines

My message

As a regular CNN viewer I am discouraged that the network allows it's "reporters" to editorialize their personal opinions while disguising it as news coverage.

Dana Bash's coverage of Ron Paul included her injecting her personal Bias on the eve of a primary. It is the kind of irresponsible agenda driven "reporting" I expect from FOX News. Not CNN.

Clearly an on air apology and a re-commitment to proper journalism is in order.

I called and left a voice

I called and left a voice mail with my concerns.

My message: 'I have been

My message:

'I have been watching CNN for quite some time now, but lately I have been finding one of your reporters, Dana Bash, to be nonobjective. When I watch your program for political information, I do not expect to find someone touting fear or any other emotional withdrawal regarding any specific candidates. I also do not think that her interviews with some of the political candidates have been fair and objective, and have sensed hostility from her towards some individuals in the political process. I have been forced to find unbiased news sources elsewhere. Please know that this reporter has driven off a long time viewer.'

The Founders of this great nation abhorred tyrrany and loved liberty.


My Message was:

"I routinely watch Wolf Blitzer, please offer him my sincere apologies due to the fact that I can no longer watch CNN. When CNN airs a complete apology over Dana Bashs' comments about..., and she is terminated from cnn, then I will return as a viewer. Until then, I must refrain from being a viewer of cnn".

(I did exagerate a little)

Yeah she really has it out

Yeah she really has it out for Paul which is disturbing.

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Let's do this...

my response:

I would like to re-iterate the Revolution Pac's call for the immediate removal of Dana Bash. Her blatant attacks and outrageous bias against Ron Paul is - frankly disgusting. She can have her opinions, since this is still America, but that does not make her a journalist.

Dump Dana now... (P.S. Can't be too much of a loss, since she was not listed on your feedback website - had to select "other". How ironic.)

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa


I called. It's about time someone is standing up to their garbage. MSM - propaganda machines - Goebbels would be jealous, and proud.

Just made my call...this

Just made my call...this woman is disgusting....just report the NEWS for God sake!

follow the link and you can

follow the link and you can email cnn calling for her removal.

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bump for Liberty and Truth and Peace