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Fox News Dedicates Entire Hour to Defending Mittens Romney

I just thought it was funny, and ridiculous, and just cementing them as the propaganda machine that they are.

We all know Mittens has been taking some heat for his "I like to fire people" comment. So, in true journalistic fashion, Fox News has spent the last hour playing the clip over and over in context, with the tagline "Mitt(ens) Romney comment taken out of context."

I don't recall them taking Ron Paul's newletters in context, since when you do so, 90% of the "racist" accusations disappear. For example, in the next sentense, take the parenthetical content out of context. "In our current judicial system, (black people are bad)ly mistreated." See?

I also don't recall them doing any type of investigation at all when NH4LibertyPaul posted that ridiculous Huntsman video. They took the username alone to mean it was a Ron Paul supporter. Case closed.

I also don't recall them putting the Gloria Borger interview "walkout" in context of the entire interview.

I also don't recall them.... you get the idea.

It's primary day. The spin machine is turning at 3600 RPM.

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Mitt the Underdog

They have started trying to paint Robotney as the underdog since yesterday. Oh no, everyone is attacking Mittens. It's ridiculous. People want the $ out of politics, I want the MSM out of politics. I was just watching NECN and they asked a voter who he voted for. The guy says Mitt Romney, the "reporter" asked why and he said "I don't know". Drives me nuts!

"It does not require many words to speak the truth" - Chief Joseph

As a requirement

... you should have to be able to write a paragraph about why you support your candidate. And it can't be "I like him because he's presidential and electable and he'll beat the other guy. The media has him on all the time and he seems nice and stuff."