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Fun idea to maximize 'South Carolina $ Bomb'

From what I hear Campaign For Liberty members are also supporters of Ron Paul. I'll bet your local county coordinator has a list of people who support Ron Paul but don't have a yard sign. I'm also willing to bet that that list is at least close to 20 people who would actually love to advertise for this campaign if they only had a sign. Here's where we, the Ron Paul rabble come in. Contact your local coordinator today. It'll prolly be via email. Ask them how many people they can think of who don't have a sign but would definitely put one up. Buy as many as you need here. http://www.ronpaul2012.com/store/signs-and-magnets/ron-paul-... Absolutely, positively do not buy unofficial signs for this. The most important part of this action is to get Dr. Paul more money but also to show serious visible grassroots support. On our front lawns! Getting these signs a good home is so much more effective than dropping it off on the corner exit ramp and wishing it good luck. Too many will be taken down. We're private property guys anyways. I've gotten 20 supporters signs so far and I'm going to order 20 more for the next county over today. It won't take that many of us to cover this country in Ron Paul at that rate. Let's make a friggin' statement! I want to see a crazy amount of signs by next week. This South Carolina money bomb gives us the perfect excuse to make that statement. Any amount is better than nothing but I say 20 signs per person is a damned good start. If even just 2-3 people do this per county, the amount of signs we'll be seeing will be so dramatic that we'll be gushing with pride. Are you with me?! Let me hear you!

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