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Exit Poll Has Ron Paul @ 27%

From http://cpctcss.org/


"New Hampshire Primary Exit Poll Results. The Republican Presidential Primary in New Hampshire is going on now. These are the early New Hampshire Primary Election Results. Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are in first and second in the New Hampshire Primary. Results are from Today Jan 10, 2012. Todays Republican Election Results from New Hampshire.

We continue to monitor the election in New Hampshire and have the result from early voting in the primary of January 10, 2012 Republican Primary. These are the results of 1098 voters as they entered and exited the polls in several of the over 300 locations across New Hampshire where primary voting is going on right now. We will update these results this evening and bring you more coverage of Today's Jan 10, 2012 New Hampshire Primary and the results. Who is the winner? Ron Paul, Mitt Romney or will a surprise candidate like Newt Gingrich come out of no where and win."

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Exit Poll vs Diebold Count

I wonder how they matched up?

May our efforts in support of Congressman Ron Paul be blessed with supernatural success.


Most people are ashamed to say who they're voting for, so it's always possible that the other candidates' results are under-reported.

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Not from NH Primary

The only data I could find on this site was entrance polling results from Iowa, which had RP at 27% and Gingrich at 16%. No data from NH on the website. I couldn't access the video from where I am, so I can't say anything about that. But my guess is that someone has confused some early Iowa entrance polls with NH exit polls.

Gingrich at 17 and Huntsman

Gingrich at 17 and Huntsman at 7? Really suspect poll.

Hope this is right.

Come on NH!

And this exit poll was conducted by whom?

I didn't think it was proper to release exit polling data before the polls close.

Otherwise, you could influence the vote of those who haven't done so yet.

I'd even bet such a move might bring unwanted attention from law enforcement.

Exit polls are the only way to check the count.

I wish there were volunteers, nonpartisan, conducting exit polls at every precinct.

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Did you read my comment? I don't have a problem with

exit polls.

But releasing their results before all polls are closed is wrong, and in some states, illegal. I'm not sure about NH. (since two towns have already released actual results, perhaps it's no big deal there)

suspsect of source

Seem to remember a similar you tube video in IOWA that impossibly came out hours before the caucus began (7pm)..

I should have prefaced with "I could be wrong" because, you know ...I could be.

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take exit polls ALL day...

NOT just the early votes of the day

set up shop, be high profile, ask for input and take your OWN informal exit polls

lets track this ALL day!

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NH, Call in every bet and favor

If we are indeed this close we can have an incredible upset. Anyone you know who is eligible to vote, drag them along with you to your polling site.


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The most encouraging thing about this exit poll is the stated sample size of 1,098. That is a healthy sample.

The locations of those sampled would be significant, though, as some, like those of college towns, would be skewed toward Ron Paul. Also, our people would tend to come out early based on enthusiasm, I would think.

I'm also wary of any poll showing Gingrich with 17%. I don't buy it. I think he flops in NH.

Sceptical as well.

But my hopes are up that we'll see Paul in the good 20's :)

truth liberate


at 17? anomalous

where is this from?

it doesn't say on the video or the post above. be careful that it isn't something designed to make some voters stay home.

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to quote george step-on-all-of-us..

thats not gonna happen!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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I'm trying to figure that out too...

Edit: I like simplicity but there website could have been done in a day. Hmm. Hope they are for real.

Makes sense.

RP's supporters are the most enthusiastic, so they're more likely to vote early in the day. Please remember that there are still many hours of voting left, and the Joe Six-Pack Romney crowd could stagger into the polling stations at any time...

Not to douse hopes

But Paul's entrance polling in Iowa was %40 at the beginning. I strongly believe near 30% is his real numbers, but let's hope and PRAY the enemy doesn't Diebold him to 3rd or 4th. We need to be vigilant today.

You won't see the MSN report that!

If someone else was pulling good numbers in exit polls, it would be all over the news, but not Ron Paul! Yeah, keep it up.

alan laney

i think paul's support tends to be more enthusiastic

hence vote earlier

If this holds...


I hope it does.

So far so good.

If this holds it will Rock!!

If this holds it will Rock!!

Yes it will:

It will ROCK allot of things.

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