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Reuters/Ipsos Poll has Paul at 16% - Nationally!

I think this is a record high for him nationally.


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It still makes me ill..

seeing Grinch and Sanatorium polling higher than the good doc...people are such cattle sometimes...anyway, at least he's not the bottom...

Useless poll. There is no national vote. We should be

discrediting such attempts to sway voters with such pointless diversionary tactics - not parroting them.

Maybe so but the MSM uses these all the time

The MSM was often showing these so called national polls while interviewing Ron when he was surging in Iowa, just to discredit him.


The flashpoint is here, we are now winning the public debate.

I love that graph. You see

I love that graph. You see one candidate rising and halfway thru their decline another one shoots up and as they're falling yet another one is rising.

I have to return some videotapes...


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Look at the end of the RCP average graph

The trend lines for Gingrich and Santorum are almost reflections of each other. How believable is it that every supporter that left Gingrich jumped onto the Santorum bandwagon? Now they are conveniently tied just above Paul.


That will make campaigning in the upcoming states that much more effective.

truth liberate


The 16% figure is taking into account Republicans only.

Here are the figures when Republicans and Independents are factored into the poll:

All independents and republicans (see question 5 on the PDF):

Romney 29%
Paul 17% tie
Gingrich 17% tie
Santorum 12%
Perry 6%
Huntsman 4%
Other 4%


4+ more points and he'll be polling in second place nationally.

Or When Newt drops out.

Or When Newt drops out.

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