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Dr Paul vs Newt - a fact check article on draft rules of the day

This looks legit, but I still suspect Newt's "purity":


THE FACTS: It's true that Paul was a husband and father when he served as an active-duty Air Force doctor from 1963-1965. He turned 18 in 1953, finished medical school in 1961 and was drafted in 1962 under a law that said fathers had to serve unless their induction would cause their dependents extreme hardship.

But the draft was changed the following year,

giving all fathers a pass without having to prove hardship. Gingrich registered for the draft when he turned 18 in 1961 and was contacted by his draft board to fill out a general information questionnaire in mid-1963. Upon reviewing the questionnaire, the board gave him a deferment on the basis of having a child, Selective Service System officials said Tuesday after reviewing ledgers from the era.
"I wasn't eligible for the draft," Gingrich said in Saturday's exchange, repeating for emphasis: "I wasn't eligible for the draft."

Strictly speaking, it's true that fathers were not eligible to be drafted at that time—just as students got deferments and were not eligible to be compelled into the armed forces then. That doesn't mean Gingrich couldn't serve—he could have joined the military voluntarily. It only means the government couldn't conscript him.

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And He Did Get A Deferment

So when Gingrich says "I didn't ask for a deferment" he may be accurate, strictly speaking, but he is still misleading people into thinking he didn't get one.

Still, he didn't actively dodge the draft.

But the real point is that he is such a hawk now when he could have served and didn't. These guys take hard line positions and instigate preemptive wars with their tough talk and their sanctions.

Talk softly and carry a big stick is out the window. Peace candidates are portrayed as weak, which is probably why President Obama is bombing the whole world, and Romney Santorum and Ginrich are hell bent on doing so if they get the power to.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

Thinking about Elvis

I'll bet if he really Wanted to, Elvis could've gotten out of the draft. Bet they would've let Gingrich serve if he had really wanted to.