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Ron Paul Walks the Walk

I often hear Ron Paul making some off the cuff remarks that NO ONE (in the media) picks up on...at all. One of these includes foregoing his pension (which he's entitled to like all other congressmen). Can you guys help with adding to this thread a list of things that show how much he walks the walk?

[1] Forego his pension

[2] I believe in '08 he said he'd only take a salary as President as much as the average middle-class worker (can't recall).

[3] [Need your help]

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Congressional Office Funds

He actually returns unused funds from his congressional office to the Treasury.

I am not positive, but I am

I am not positive, but I am pretty sure he laid $100 on the table to pay for a Rosa Parks medal while urging congressmen to do the same rather than spend taxpayer money like that on something everyone had not agreed to do, nor was it in the national interest.


He voted against using taxpayer money for it and instead put up $100 and said that every congressman could match him and it would cover the medal, as well as being a worthy cause.

No one took him up on it.

And yes, he did forego the congressional pension (60k per year until death, I think), AND the gravy-train congressional medical program with full coverage on EVERYTHING until death.

And yes, he does return a portion of his budget every single year to the treasury.

And yes, if you go to his economic platform one of the things he will do as president is take the same salary as the average American worker, 39k or so.

What a guy, I tell ya! ;)

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Didn't accept medicare or medicaid in his private practice

Instead he treated those who could not afford his services for free

Oh, yeah!

That's a biggie. Thanks, GCN3030.

He also allowed

customers who couldn't afford paying with cash to pay him with barter, if they wanted to.

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.