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NEW! Ron Paul's Interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer

Great opportunity to address some big misconceptions about legalizing drugs and his Florida campaign! Good luck tonight Dr. Paul!!

WATCH INTERVIEW -> http://bit.ly/xpwrqE


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Why does Ron say 2nd place, then add a "conceivable 3rd place"?

That just TELLS THE MANIPULATORS what they can get away with! I get so disappointed with giving the Media what we "expect"!

Why can't he just say, "We expect to do very well"...and let it go at that! Is he lowering OUR expectations? Or doesn't he know that they will NOT LET HIM TAKE 2ND!

Argh....the Media again spends the whole interview trying to pump Romney via courtesy of Dr. Paul, and to add insult to injury he probes him to find out hopefully that he's going to back off the campaign trail, as if they (the MOB ELITES) really care! Any chance to make him look like he can't cut it, even if they can do it financially, they will.

Don't they know that the LIFE BLOOD of this country is the American citizens, not some corporate lobbyist/Federal Reserve owner? The most active ciitizens are the ones who understand the pro's and con's of the candidates and are the most educated of all Americans. They insult me constantly. I'm glad I'm not watching TV today.