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Dr. Paul is going to have to talk seriously about job growth when heading South

Going into the South... While his military record will help him, what the South wants to hear is job creation. Whenever Dr. Paul talks about jobs he falls back into his diatribe about economics, cutting spending and the federal reserve... this will not cut it down South.

Dr. Paul is going to have to cut the "politikin" and talk about putting more money in businesses' and people's pockets, cutting govt. regulations that interfere with business and raise production costs and specifically the sectors that can expect to see job growth in a Paul administration. This is probably the Dr.'s weakest platform issue simply because he has not taken the time to break it down to the average worker.

America cannot compete with a Chinese or Mexican work force and the South wants to hear how Ron Paul will address the jobs issue with details and specifics...

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I think Dr. Paul's

"stick to the Constitution" message will resonate well in the South... Also, his "mind our own business" will hit home as well... Southerners, however, like to be known as "hard workers"... the majority of them are really pissed that the furniture factories, textile mills and manufacturing plants have moved overseas. There are numerous small towns throughout the south that are full of abandoned buildings, empty plants and are quickly becoming "ghost towns". They are looking for someone who will either bring those things back, or create an environment that will allow them to flourish once again. They want to see America become competitive in the marketplace once again.

The corporate-political alliance has been responsible for killing out middle America. Dr. Paul will have to explain how federal subsidies and government agencies, which have major corporate executives on their boards, have killed productive jobs in America, and that his economic plan will eliminate these agencies and subsidies... Southern Democrats are used to thinking in terms of government interference as a good thing.

I think the "forced Ethanol" is also a good argument against govt. interference as well as the argument against globalism and turning our sovereignty over to the UN. Southerners are real big on Independence, that's why we have so few big cities...

Don't worry about the south

This is Ron Paul's territory after these noisy bums "Grinch & Sanitation" disappear.

yeah yeah...

I beg to differ, the government does create jobs... It employs people to shuffle paper, spy on people, carry guns, build buildings, collect information... lots of jobs

It just takes money from taxpayers to pay all those people... or sometimes it prints the money... or borrows the money...

The government creates all kinds of jobs, it just doesn't create wealth... What America needs is jobs that create wealth, not more government jobs.

America cannot compete with China and Mexico because our businesses are bogged down with EPA regulations, OSHA regulations, saftey regulations, and taxed to the max. The problem is NOT with America, the problem is with American bureaucrats...

One small disagreement...

You said American workers cannot compete with Chinese and Mexican workers. This is not true. American's are the most productive workers in the world. All else being equal, business prefer to buy U.S. made goods, even in they are as much as 20% more expensive. The American workforce is highly skilled, motivated, and educated, and if they would stop strangling us with beauracracy, regulations, and taxation, we would gain back any market share lost in the last couple decades. I'm in the building industry, and it's disgusting the amount of costly new regulations that get heaped on top of us every single year.

I know it's more fun to hear "I'm gonna create a hundred-bazillion new jobs!!!", but it's a baseless campaign promise. If you don't address the role of government, as well as the monetary policy, there is no possible way for things to improve. Tinkering with tax codes is only rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic unless we can truly alter the role of the Federal government. I agree with you that he needs to tailor that message a bit for those who are expecting to hear platitudes, but he should never change his position, because once you've abandoned the principle, you've abandoned it all.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

that's funny...

I thought I said work force... meaning that China and Mexico can employ a hundred-bazillion people at 0.25$ per hour and pollute the atmosphere all they want... they just crank out an inferior product...

Yes, tailoring the message is what I'm talking about... Nobody said anything about changing any positions or abandoning principle... that would mean switching candidates...

I gotcha

I just interpreted that as applying to the individual workers of America more so than the force as a whole, which seems to be what you were implying. I read the book "China, Inc." last year, and it got me all fired up, I guess I haven't cooled down since haha. I don't know what the answer is in the South. Not quite sure how you condense Austrian economics into a couple thirty-second ads when people have been taught nothing but Keynsian economics for decades. Dr. Paul's economic message seems to really be gaining traction with new supporters nationally though, so there is certainly reason to be optimistic.

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

well, since SC was the first

state to secede, I think we're in good standing going in...lol

If America can't compete with a Chinese or Mexican work force

perhaps the problem is with America.

Dare I say there are too many entitlement minded spoiled brats in this country?

The problem isn't too few jobs.

The problem is too much government.

Too much government crowds out private investment, preventing innovation and new job creation.

Too much government regulates companies till they move overseas taking jobs with them.

Too much government takes money out of your pocket making it harder for you to feed your family. (meaning you continuously need a raise)

Too much government results in fiat currency that continuously loses value. (see point directly above)

The solution?

Less government.

How much less? Retain only that which is specifically authorized in the Constitution. ('cause everything else is illegal anyway)

At that point, people will no longer be worried about jobs. There will be enough to go around, and they'll pay well enough so you can afford to live.

He will have to tell the truth or lie.

Government doesn't create jobs. If you get the guv out of the way, the free market will create jobs if there is a demand for them. Unfortunately the truth is sometimes a hard pill to swallow.

The other candidates will say whatever the people want to hear so that they can get elected. Dr. Paul should stick to his principles.

He should talk about the NLRB

He should talk about the NLRB case with Boeing, and how that would never be allowed to happen under an RP administration

No he does not

he needs to talk more about LIBERTY!

yeah well,

Liberty covers a lot of ground... he's gonna have to break that down for us southern boys... I guarandamntee you Perry is going to be bringing that message....

I want to hear Ron Paul say that today the government is the fastest growing industry in America and government jobs take away from the economy and do not help the economy...

That is something WE ALL can understand...


and I think it's as simple as connecting the dots from a Constitutional govt to freedom to prosper. We all understand the direct connection of foreign policy to economics, and I think he needs to keep talking about that,but another thing that sheeple have a hard time with is the direct relation of the size and scope of govt to economic freedom and prosperity which creates jobs. I think a short speech about this starting with the fact that govt cannot create anything except a business friendly atmosphere would be a slam-dunk!

thank you,

finally someone breaks out of the 'group think'... lol

Yes, people do need to understand... and they have been conditioned to think they "need" the government to give them or to help them... but Dr. Paul is going to have to break it down further and show how government is impeding with production and growth...