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Need Help: one of Black friends tweeted: Ron Paul is the most compelling candidate, but . .

@MisterMills on Twitter · Ron Paul is the most compelling candidate to me, but his brand (old) is not electable. And he doesn't have enough money.


How should I respond to him as this man is young, successful and influential. We could use him on our team

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Black morning radio show host Tom Joyner

was on this morning saying that Ron Paul:

1. Would have voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and
2. Voted against the King holiday.

We have to reach out to non-whites to grow

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A young friend who is young, successful and influential. So, he is a leader. I'm curious as to why you specifically pointed out the color of his race..

Cuz when it comes to getting

Cuz when it comes to getting support from women and people of color we have a lot to learn and a lot of growth potential

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Tell him Ron Paul's "brand"

Tell him Ron Paul's "brand" is actually something called "liberty". That never gets old and kinda new and exciting to the kids.

Oh, yeah. An there is also voting for somebody with principles and integrity. That's nice, too!

And when Ron becomes the Republican nominee, just wait and see. The money will pour in.

Show your support for Ron Paul and inspire others at new grassroots site:
( Consider uploading a picture or video of your sign or event, etc .)

You want to vote for war, the police state,

and world government, or freedom and liberty?

It boils down to that.

I'd rather have an old man

I'd rather have an old man that wants me to be free than a young man that wants to rule me.

Ron Paul is critical for minorities *to support*

Not only does he raise a lot money (surprisingly, all from small donors), he is important enough for your friend to step up and support.

And after all the many years of his life, we know clearly who Ron is, what Ron does, and for what Ron stands. There's no deception, no guile; only wisdom a frankness and honesty, even in the face of ridicule and condemnation. He speaks truth to power and frankness to political correctness.

Your friend has a choice to make -- step up to fight for his freedom and that of his family and neighbors, or shrug, sit on his hands, and suffer everyone more serfdom.

Ron Paul opponents support authoritarian policies that have:
- decimated minority families
- imprisoned millions of nonviolent minority males
- killed minority servicemen in unnecessary wars
- prohibited minorities from undercutting the established competition with lower salaries and services
- ensured that minority parents cannot move their child to a good school
- increased minority teenage pregnancies
- killed millions of minority babies before they were born
- imposed licensing laws that prevented minorities from starting low capital businesseses that they could afford
- increased regulations that reduced entry level unskilled jobs
- destroyed the value of the dollar so that minorities earnings and savings disappear
- tricked low capital into low interest teaser loans, leading to the loss of all their equity
- engage in politics of group envy and group privilege
- disproportionately killed minority men with the death penalty
- waged endless, murderous war on dehumanized non-whites

It's time to act -- for the life that he wants -- and not wait for that stunted life which his masters would deign to permit him.

Yours for human freedom,

Don't Vote For Ron Paul for anything less than
Re[love]ution & Renaissance

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this is about a cultural revolution, not just

about electing a politician. It is about awakening a new age of aware, engaged, responsible citizens enjoying the full freedoms of people with a tyrannical, violent government held fast by Constitutional restraints. It is about individuals finally realizing they are held back only by their belief they are owned by an authoritarian power elite.

This is about taking the next step, people communicating on the web, trading, cooperating, pushing to the evolutionary next stage. Your friend can stay in the muck of the status quo or he can join the future as an advocate of Liberty, peace and goodwill for all.

After seeing the NH results and Ron's speech

my friend tweeted that Ron Paul is a beast--and that he on on Obama's level in electability

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It is not about betting on a winning team

it is about your future and principle. Who do you trust to protect your freedom? Do you trust Goldman Sachs Obama or Grassroots Liberty Ron Paul? Do you want a president who reads his message from a teleprompter or a man who has a firm understanding on what Freedom and Economics work?

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

a little curious why you

a little curious why you mentioned it was a "black" friend. Liberty is liberty...no matter the color. Same message to all.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul


because he was the ONLY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE right now that voted against & was against the BANKING BAILOUTS.


OBAMA is NOT for the Blacks like they want to believe. Look at his lifestyle~~~throwing extravagant parties and even hiding them from the public~~the Alice in Wonderland movie crew Halloween party for one. He spends money like it's going out of style! And, he's done NOTHING to help improve the black's lives, NOTHING. They are still in the same crappy situation as everyone else with no good job prospects.

We need to wake the black community up....especially in the Southern states. They need to understand that ANYONE who is FOR THE BANKING ELITE is their enemy, and OBAMA is their enemy. He could care less about them. Bottom line it is all rhetoric. Inwardly, he probably has contempt for them or any of the others who are 'lower class". I know he has contempt for the white middle-class. At least, that's my take on it.

RON PAUL will help ALL CLASSES of Americans by educating them FIRST, so that they understand thoroughly what has happened to our country this past century with the Federal Reserve thieving our money. Then, with the knowledge will come freedom to encourage good people to represent each and everyone of us, including the blacks.

Agree; however with 95% of blacks having voted for Obama

in 2010 and many being disillusioned with BHO and lookin gfor a new person to back, we have an opportunity to make sure they think about Paul

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That is like saying....

That is like saying that a college football player is extremely talented but can't make the NFL.

Who cares? If he has what it takes then you GET HIS BACK!! He's only not "electable" (whatever the heck that means) if you DONT SUPPORT HIM OR VOTE FOR HIM. That works for Romney as well.

First Ron Paul couldn't break double digits, then he couldn't break the "ceiling" of 15%, then he couldn't get into the 20% range, then he couldn't become a "frontrunner", now he can't win the primary.

Give it up!!! If you like the man just support him. We welcome you with open arms and will protect you from the nasty remarks. But although I welcome and ask for your support, if you decide to only support him once it looks like he might win, then although I thank you, you will deserve none of the recognition that is awarded to his supporters for working so incredibly hard to get him there.

Didn't Brady get picked in

Didn't Brady get picked in the 6th or 7th round? Same as Ben R from the Steelers?

Heck look at Kurt Warner... out of nowhere to lead his team to the superbowl.

All that matters is drive and a dream.

We have both on our side. So does Ron Paul.

Simple answer

Vote your conscience. Rest easy.

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Ron Paul a timeless Paleo-con...

of Founding Father stock.
Liberty is ageless.

Tell your friend he's got us. Together, we'll bankroll the good Dr. till the cows come home. I don't do twitter, but any friend of Ron Paul is a friend of mine!

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

Sic Tmot on him.

Sic Tmot on him.

Tell him that if anything

Tell him that if anything happens to him while he's in office that his VP, Rand Paul, will take over.

"Ehhh, What's ups Doc?" B.Bunny "Scwewy Wabbit!"E. Fudd
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Nelson Mandela was elected president at age 77

I posted that comment in this thread:

A solution to the age question


...along with ages of other notables elected in their 70s eg Winston Churchill, Golda Meir etc.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Trying to engage him in a twitter discussion - So Far:


@MisterMills Look how great those #Hope and #Change brands worked. #RonPaul already carries the most targeted brand demographic: #YouthVote


@BtwnUnemploymnt I like Paul, but Obama has a stronger chance of winning than Paul. Paul isn't even top 3 in his own party.


@MisterMills Obama had zero chance of beating H.Clinton; then barely a chance against McCain. Ppl like you and me helped him. Help #RonPaul

tell ur friend to make

tell ur friend to make decisions on issues that matter. so he's going to vote in something he DOESNT believe in because the brand is appealing (young/suave??)

he believes in the RP philosophy but won't vote for him because he doesnt like old people, than f*kk ur friend. how do you even bother to convice someone who bases their decisions on brand image.

Tell your friend...

that he is absolutely too black to make the right decision in this case. You realize that he is bright and a nice guy, but he is absolutely too black therefore unable to give a worthy opinion and sorry, but you'll have to revert to getting your opinions from the homeless white drunk under the cardboard in the alley.

See how that affects him. Then ask him to think about the underlying ridiculousness of his "reticence" and that he is applying fallacious and bigoted discernment. Just tell him to do what his gut tells him is the right thing. Old guy, young guy....right guy...which matters? White Guy, Black Guy....Good Guy...which one do you want as a friend? Then tell him to look up a guy named Nelson Mandela.

He's your friend. He'll come around...just needs a little perspective readjustment...tell him I said so....

Wha? .....hey....who stole my country?

It's the issues that matter

not a candidates age.

Besides freedom is young.

As far as the money, only Romney has more because he is in bed with Goldman Sachs.

If Ron asks the People to donate 5 million - we give him 6, $50 dollars at a time.

Then remind him, that this campaign is about the Establishment (Obama/Romney) vs. The People & the Constitution (Ron Paul)

"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Vote for Peace

Our current problem is that " He who has the most money wins"
That is what is wrong with the system
Electing rich cupie-dolls has been our downfall
How about "with age comes wisdom"
elect someone not beholding to goldman sachs for a change
Vote for Peace

all men are created equal

Quote Dr.MLK.
judge a man on character not skin color(or in this case age).
Ask if its fair to say hes to old to be elected then why is it not to say obama was too black, hilary not a woman, bush too short. tell him hes being superficial and its hindering the cloud removal that is waking up and fully embracing dr pauls run to repair this country.

St.Amant, LA...Libertarian Party of Ascension Parish

Sorry, I can't help him with

Sorry, I can't help him with that. Not as long as he believes media propaganda.

"Compelling" seems to be his opinion.
"old is not electable" is media blabla.

The money is another issue. The candidate who gets the most millions from wall street (Obama, Romney)has better chances to become president. Does that not sound like corruption and banana republic to him?

As far as money is concerned

As far as money is concerned early reports show only Romney ahead of Paul in fundraising from the 4th quarter and Gingrich is 3rd but he has lots of debt and his campaign is crashing.

If he is influential odds are he does not like being told what to do... talk to him about how the MSM are the ones saying he is unelectable not the people. And as Paul always says, "Freedom in a young idea."

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I'd reply with

"Then vote for one of the younger men, and let me know what you think after we get another G.W. Bush and nothing changes."

I like


We already have an obama brand, more war, less money, lost homes, BILLIONAIRE endless campaigner (no one wants around). NDAA bounty hunter.

I'll take the old guy with sound money, less war, more trade--and in favor of my keeping money. Besides, I've become accustomed to the branding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, freedom, and liberty. This kind of branding makes me feel, well.... clean and dignified.

Next to Goldman Sachs money, we in the 99% haven't done too shabby at raising funds, $5 and $10 at a time.