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No, Mitt Romney will not answer your marijuana questions (video)

Like most of the Republican presidential candidates, Mitt Romney has spent the past week touring New Hampshire to drum up final votes for today’s Granite State primary. And through it all he has been trailed by Students for a Sensible Drug Policy activists who want the former Massachusetts governor to spell out his position on marijuana, whether it be medicinal or simply industrial.

One student asked Romney whether he thought the war on drugs was working, while another wondered if the candidate believed medical marijuana patients should be arrested. Romney, however, refuses to offer a clear, lucid answer.

“Why do we subsidize domestic corn ethanol production and then have a tariff on much cheaper sugarcane ethanol from Brazil? But there happens to be a better source of ethanol, and that is Hemp!"
Dr. Ron Paul

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This gives me the idea

Romney sees himself as a spokesperson for whatever the 1% want him to say. They have not informed him what to say about cannabis.