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Texas Delegates

The deadline to become precinct chair has been extended. If you are a Texas Ron Paul supporter and want to become a delegate, I strongly recommend you become a precinct chair.
You must attend meetings so please have time available if you want to do this. It gives you a boost as a potential delegate if you are a chair in the party apparatus.

The original deadline was Dec. 14, 2011. It was extended because of a Texas redistricting issue handed down by the supreme court.

No word on new deadline, but it is imperative you do this soon as the original deadline is long past and you know how the parties operate.

If you are in east Texas you might take a look at Meetup.com's Houston Delegates for Ron Paul.

Thanks Y'all

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Im in Texas

Whats this about? Where's a link?

Did things change? I remember in 2008 all I did to become a delegate was SHOW UP after the primary voting, we had our election of delegates and alternatives, and then talked about GOP Platform agendas.


Now back on point, where's a link to precinct chair vacancies?

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Precinct Chairs

Search your county's GOP website, they should have a map and/or list of precinct chairs. Contact the party chair (don't tell them what candidate you're for) and ask about any training they might have. Precinct Chair has more duties than being a delegate. You are right about showing up after primary to become a delegate, but in more contested precincts it might help your position and sway votes if you are the precinct chair as well.

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Alright cool, I'll check it out

My God's not dead; he's surely alive. And he's living on the inside roaring like a lion.

Thanks for the heads up.

Everyone needs to be ahead of the curve in their states to make this happen. It doesn't end at donating.

Delegate information deserves to be bumped.

I had to log in to do so, but for all my Texas friends, this is good info. Logging back out now. :)