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Delegate to Date (CNN)

CNN just posted numbers of delegates to date: Romney 18, Santorum 8, Paul 7, Perry 4, and Gingrich 3. Are these numbers correct? How were they distributed?

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Delegates in IA are not bound

Delegates in IA are not bound by anything like in other states, they are free to vote for who they wish hence being called ( soft delegates )

These are also only delegates to the state convention not the NATIONAL.

IA doesn't have any super delegates because they are bound by nothing, the only reason that states have a few super delegates is to avoid violating the unit rule in the RNC call which states that no state will enforce the unit rule meaning ( no state can force all the delegates to vote a certian way )

oh ok

because MSNBC is saying Romney and Santorum have 11 each, Paul has 3 and nobody else has any.

These are projections not actual

It starts off with Romney getting Party apparatus and establishment leadership delegates.

Then you add the presumed 7 7 7 delegates from iowa, and then whatever other finagling math they use to get the rest.

Its a very blurry inaccurate estimate as of now. Don't take to much stock in it as things will change dramatically over time.

I think it might be taking

I think it might be taking into consideration superdelegates, who are people specially picked to be delegates, separate from the caucus/primary.

No clue where they come up with this crap!?!?

Here are the standings, and notice the only delegates, at this point, are soft delegates!


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I like the debate where..

Mitt said "My name is Mitt Romney and that's actually my real first name too." What a frigging liar..

I was wondering the same thing...

Iowa has 28 delegates and NH has 12.. Which if you add the CNN numbers are 40 as well. The only thing I can think of is that they're calculating the likely delegates after NH???

I don't think so

There's none for Huntsman who is polling 3rd in NH. Saw a post earlier today linking to a site showing from Iowa 6 for Romney, 6 Santorum, 6 Paul, etc