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CNN New Hampshire Primary Exit Polling Data

Preliminary data coming in from CNN:

Voting by income $50-100k - 35%
Most important issue - Economy - 60%
Worried about the economy? Very concerned - 69%

Importance of debates to your vote?
Very important - 50%
Somewhat important - 31%
Not too important - 10%
Not important at all - 6%

When did you decide whom to support?
Last few days - 27%
Today - 19%
Earlier this month - 17%
In December - 10%

Views on fiscal issues such as taxes and spending?
Very conservative - 37%
Somewhat conservate - 30%

Views on social issues such as abortion?
Moderate or liberal - 60%

Source: LIVE CNN broadcast

Add info below as you see it. Thanks.

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This is so effing discusting...

yup, CNN's been turned into Huntsman-Grinch TV,

ALL day today.

& keep trotting out the Huntsman daughters as eye candy, like Kardashians.

so despicable.

Abby Huntsman looks like the one behind the false flagged Manchurian Huntsman ad, looks even more disgusting to me, now that she has truly shown her colors. for an adoptive family, how can they use PRIVATE photos & vidoes of their own adopted daughters to make a political point, then flat out lie & play victim on national TV?

what can make someone so wealthy, so desperate as to go that low?

these people are so disgusting; sure people pass off a fib or two, and stretch a sales pitch or two, but to outright lie on camera, using head-tilting technique as to prevent apparentness of one's pupil shift when lying, is truly diabolical!

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Why are you watching that

Why are you watching that joke of a network?

the answers to the 'when did

the answers to the 'when did you decide' question are downright frightening - right next to the importance placed on debates for voter influence.

this country is still so very much asleep.

Perhaps this is part of it...

I get the sense citizens of early primary/caucus states are quite savvy. They know to tell pollsters that they are undecided right up until the very end, because otherwise the gravy train would close down.

The money that must come into these states as a result of all the media advertising, hotel, restaurant, shopping, etc... is GIGANTIC. If they told the pollsters their minds were already made up early, the payday would end...


CNN headline: N.H. turnout may break record


just did a segment and said the exit poll info looks good for Ron Paul. And then down played his potential good showing tonight saying it will be due to democrats who will vote for Obama in November.

Remember that line

Cause if Paul does really well that will be the talking point with the talk radio mafia

bigmikedude's picture

LOL Even MSLSD is entitled to some

wishful thinking.

CNN tweet

@OutFrontCNN Ahead on CNN: @ErinBurnett breaks down results of first wave NH exit polls. When did voters make up their minds? #CNNElections

You know, I see so many posts

You know, I see so many posts about exit polls and vote counts, but nobody links to where they are getting their information.

Can you please link us to the information when you post? That would be helpful...

I'm not just singling you out. Every post or comment I see, there is no link.


CNN is not yet linking this info because it's still coming in. Why release all the data when you can have everyone sitting at the edge of their seats?

Right now I'm checking out the live broadcast and CNN twitter accounts for incoming data.

It streamed here:


As a side note- it's interesting to see RP supporters talk with Romney and Gingrich supporters on the chat next to the video feed

Thanks for the stream.

Thanks for the stream. Usually this stuff in is the main thread on the front page, but I didn't see anything.

Other Important Numbers:

Liberty Lovers: 30%

Brain-washed by the tv-media: 70%

Needs to shake a candidate's hand before voting for them: 15%

Votes for a candidate because he seems like "a good husband" or some other nonsense: 65%

Can't point to Iran on a map but regurgitates lines they've heard on TV like "power vacuum" which they think makes them seem smart: 68%

Those last two numbers look pretty good, but the first one


In Iowa, Santorum raked it in among that crowd. Hopefully he will split them with others more evenly this time.

Of course, while the two economic stats bode well for Paul WE THINK, last time in 2008, the main issue was being against the Iraq war, and instead of going for Paul, that crowd went for 100 Years of War McLame.

FOX News exit polling info

Here's a tweet I saw. Take it with a grain of salt.

EARLY NEW HAMPSHIRE EXIT POLLS: Fox has independents (44% of total) splitting evenly between Romney (30), Paul (29), Huntsman (27%)

Washington Post exit polling data:

Prelim NH exit polls: Nearly 1/2 of voters identify as independents, more than in ‘08, ‘00 or ‘96 GOP primaries #fitn

@postpolls Early voters in NH much more likely to be fiscally than socially conservative - 66% vs. 40% #fitn

We need to see...

We need to see by age and by registration.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams


The commentator said Romney won in Iowa among people worried about economy. The whole segment marginalized Ron Paul.

They have been promoting Huntsman hard.

Here we go again

I have noticed...

That they're now conveniently making these 'mistakes', calling Paul 'Romney' when it's a positive, like when he defended Romney with the argument of free markets.
It didn't make any sense saying Romney defended Romney's comments... I realized afterwards how they managed to exclude Ron Paul's name even when he appeared to be defending Romney! These people are good... but we're better than you Old Media!!!