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Not Releasing Exit Poll Numbers Because Ron Is Doing So Well?

Why has CNN not released their exit poll numbers for the candidates, but they did release the voter info and their primary topics of concern? Are they setting up the fix so nothing is too suspicious?

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they were at the polling place i was at all day and night. that is suspicious

Exit poll numbers, properly

Exit poll numbers, properly taken, will not match the NH primary results.

I think,

They are adjusting the exit numbers so they come close to the fixed numbers. But I'm a wing nut

May, just maybe

they know they are being watched and are too afraid to mess around this time.

They can't release any

They can't release any polling at this time until the polls close or it can be considered vote tampering, you will see exit polling at 7pm


this is the real deal and it is not the junk you get from Iowa. This is the official FIRST IN THE NATION Vote.

In NH though , there are no Exit polling Laws.

Actually there is an exit

Actually there is an exit polling law in NH, you can;t poll inside the building where votes are being cast you must be outside the building.


not publishing anything either. Fox News too.

Of course they are still pushing Romney/Huntsman and saying Paul doesn't stand a chance (Matthews show). But one guy on Hardball did stick up for Ron Paul, but was attacked by Chris Matthews. None of the stations so far said anything about Paul sticking up for Romney's comment being taken out of text.

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I pray to God the numbers

I pray to God the numbers aren't fudged.

I think it's generally uncouth to release such numbers as this

could be seen as trying to influence those who have not yet voted.

They usually wait till official polling closure to release their data of vote counts.

Most of what the media does

Most of what the media does do influence votes is uncouth. I don't see how this is any different.

That's true, but they seem to not want to break this one rule.

It may even be illegal in some states. I'm not sure.


Hopefully you are right.