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Fox News: Indy Vote Exit Polls Romney 30%, Paul 29%

Then they went to a graphic of late deciders which showed the Media controlled non-thinkers went for Santorum & Hunstsman but that is a minimal amount if you do not know by now it is unlikely you will be influential in the primary.

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not good, we prob needed to

not good, we prob needed to do extremely well with Indy's to beat Romney.

Ventura 2012


I just caught the Cavuto show lying about this graph ... the blonde bimbo tried to pull a fast doublespeak claiming that the Paul 29% was wrong and that Huntsman at 27% should be at 29%


Please change the title. As per below.

That was just breaking down the independent vote

It was not an overall number, just the breakdown of independent voters

oops - that really changes

oops - that really changes things a lot.

bad poster for leading me on to hope...

What the heck is wrong with independents??

Paul is supposed to KILL with indys...Romney?? Huntsman??

Seriously? What's the point of quitting the party if you're going to keep backing an establishment candidate? I suppose Huntsman is a slightly less offensive pick there, but loving NAFTA, saying he'd vote for NDAA, being a big spender...?

Did you just quit the party because that's what all your friends were doing? Good god, these people SAY they don't want business as usual, but here they are bumping up two knuckleheads who support the next war against Iran.

Whatever. I'm so sick of voters...and watching the polling averages graph on RCP disgusts me, you can SEE all the republican rats nationwide swim from sinking ship to sinking ship - JUST GET ON BOARD WITH ROMNEY OR PAUL AND SETTLE IT ALREADY, the rest are **only** buffers to prevent Paul from getting any serious momentum against Romney, can't you see that?

Arghghghgh...I'm going to chew on my liver for awhile now, I'll be back after I have a smoke.

Paul's popular with the

Paul's popular with the independents who hate the two party establishment and don't wanna vote for another typical politician. Romney and Huntsman appeal to the independents who think we'll be ok if we just elect a "moderate" candidate.

That's dumb.

If they want moderates and are apparently fine with reincarnations of Obama, why not stay out of the republican primaries and just vote for Obama.

Man, I'm so aggravated right now. America - I am disappoint!

I agree it is really stupid.

I agree it is really stupid.

I find it aggravating that...

MSM is preaching that Mitt is unstoppable if he adds New Hamshire to his wins. Well, we now know that he didn't win Iowa...knucklehead Sanitorium won it and the record won't be changed until long after Mitts has capitalized on his "so called win."

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Is there

a link?

It's time! Rand Paul 2016!

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It was just on the Fox

It was just on the Fox Network @ 6pm leading off.

So they beat CNN to the punch?

Well this is good news if accurate

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This is gonna be good.

also... 6:06 pm Total Votes: 236,015


PAUL: 29%


PAUL: 28%

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What does this have to do

What does this have to do with dick?


Fox reported exit polling data, which closely coincides with the Drudge online polling, which coincides with previous polling.

It means nothing except I expect this evening to turn out well. umad.jpg

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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

How is this poll conducted?

Not an internet poll, right? If so, that'd be meaningless.

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

Lol, and even with this

Lol, and even with this admission, we find people on this site who can think of nothing better than to flood them and create the illusion that Ron Paul won by 60% of the vote.

Never forget:

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Well, it's boast for your

Well, it's boast for your team, or bust. The main stream media seems to have absolutely no problem with it. Declaring winners before the end of the game.... I can do the same thing. If I'm wrong, I just show people the Hacking Democracy movie and let them know that Paul was cheated:)

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