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An "End of America" Warning

a good read...from the Economic Policy Journal:

Dear Americans, We Are Surrounded

Occasionally in the past, I have received emails from readers asking me if it was time to leave America because of some new infringement on our rights.

In the past, I always responded to these emails by saying that it really depended on who the reader was. Anyone, I usually replied, who was in the securities-brokerage industry or the medical profession should start looking, because of how regulated those industries are. If on the other hand, a surfer dude just living for the next wave, would have little reason to be concerned.

Things have changed so dramatically in the last 6 to 12 months that I now believe you are being irresponsible ,no matter who you are, if you do not have a bagged packed and are ready to move at a moments notice.


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It was. I try very hard to be

It was. I try very hard to be away from places like this but I am moving to a bigger city and I just know this is going to happen to me. I will not answer their questions about where I live or who pays for my hotel or what what. If they want me to disavow that I am a terrorist, I will do that, but NO ONE gets to know my personal stuff. I would not tell anyone, much less a stranger on the street things like they asked. This makes me mad, and I hope I am not seeing bars in my future, but I would rather go to jail than allow myself to be subjugated by such interrogations for no reason.