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Why it doesn't matter if Huntsman made the false flag video.

It was immediately obvious to every Ron Paul supporter who saw the Jon Huntsman's Values video that it was:

1) NOT something that would benefit Ron Paul
2) NOT something that would hurt Huntsman
3) NOT something that Ron Paul would approve of
4) NOT typical of other Ron Paul grassroots videos.

It SHOULD have been immediately obvious to Jon Huntsman that this video was:

1) NOT something that would benefit Ron Paul
2) NOT something that would hurt Huntsman
3) NOT something that Ron Paul would approve of
4) very amateurish, bigoted, paranoid and just plain silly
5) something that would HURT Ron Paul's campaign if it were widely distributed.

The evidence for ALL of these assertions is overwhelming or obvious to any reasonably intelligent person.

Every action that Jon Huntsman and his campaign staff have taken since the video was posted is consistent with a candidate who had created a false flag video with the prior intent of defaming Ron Paul and creating voter sympathy for himself.

One thing that was NOT obvious was ANY indication of even the most cursory attempt by Huntsman to establish whether Ron Paul or ANY OF HIS SUPPORTERS were responsible for this video.

Anyone with enough sense to type "Ron Paul" into a YouTube search bar would have seen that there are over 270,000 videos with this tag. Obviously Ron Paul cannot be responsible for all of those videos. Obviously most of these videos have never been seen by more than a handful people. If Huntsman's campaign had not posted it on his website it is likely that no one would have seen this one either.

Any man who had anything even CLOSE to the integrity necessary to be worthy of being President of the United States would have immediately quashed this video, asked that it be removed from any website under his control, and made it clear that he did NOT believe Ron Paul or anyone connected to his campaign had anything to do with it.

But of course if he had, none of us would have ever even heard of the video.

Instead, it has been viewed over 300,000 times!

On the contrary, Huntsman has been cynically milking it for all it is worth; asking Ron Paul to repudiate the video, playing the sympathetic victim for a credulous mainstream media, shamelessly glorying in the free positive publicity concerning his fluency in Mandarin and his politically correct adoptive daughters.

And he is doing ALL of this at the expense of a man that EVERYONE concedes, and he KNOWS, is an HONEST man of unquestioned INTEGRITY.

At this point, even if he apologized for the whole affair I would assume that it was yet another calculated strategy on the part of a certified sociopath to advance his own political career.

I am frankly frightened that such a man is still being considered as a candidate for the President of the United States.