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The homes of the GOP contenders

After months of hitting the campaign trail, the Republican candidates hoping to win their party's nomination for the 2012 presidential election have been spending most of their time in planes, trains and automobiles. Home, sweet, home has been a dizzying series of hotel rooms.

But out there somewhere, each of these politicians actually does have a domestic domicile where there are no corn dogs to eat, no stranger's babies to hold and no stray swarms of supporters to glad-hand.

Here's the link to the photos:


Paul's home is the most modest.

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I lived in Lake Jackson for

I lived in Lake Jackson for 12 years. It is a beautiful little town with trees everywhere. The best part of this town are the neighbors. Everyone takes care of each other. We had 3 small children and had lost our job so friends put a roof on another neighbors's house and gave us the money they would have paid a roofer. Years later we paid the gift forward. Dr. Paul delivered 2 of my sons and my husband taught his oldest son in high school. Downside was the air from Dow Chemical in the 70's.

Ron Paul's house is for

Ron Paul's house is for sale:


If any one here wants to move into Lake Jackson, Texas this is your chance to own a piece of history.

Lake Jackson is a pretty little town.

The two main streets are named This Way and That Way.

Santorum And Gingrich

The two that Dr. Paul has rightfully attacked as corrupt are living like fat cats off of the taxpayer and the special interests.

Santorum said he is a "cause guy." He's actually a special interest guy.

Gingrich is unpatriotic, through and through.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard