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How tall is Dr. Paul?

CNN just showed a wall image of all the candidates standing next to each other, and Dr. Paul was like 6 inches shorter than ALL of them. NO WAY! He's quite a few inches taller than Rand.

Even my wife said it looked bogus. Anyone know the heights of the candidates?

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How Tall is Chuck Norris ?

Carlos Ray Norris is 5' 10" tall and was born on March 10, 1940, in Oklahoma. He has played in "Walker, Texas Ranger " as well as several martial arts movies.

Look here for more information:

from ask.com

Define short...


How Short is Short?

Before we move on to the famous short people in history, let's try to understand what we mean by short. It may sound funny, but there is outright disagreement about what height can be referred to as short. The height of an individual may vary according to the region as well as ethnicity. The term shortness is a vague term, which doesn't have a concrete reason to support it.

Famous Short People in the World

The average height for a man in the United States is

5 ft 9.2 inches,

and therefore while compiling a list of famous short people in the world, we have taken a benchmark of 5 ft 5 inches, which is considerably short when equated for the whole world. Here are some of the most famous short people in the world, who are remembered even today for their talent and achievements, and not their height.

there follows a list

As I am one year younger that Ron Paul and know how much my own spine has degenerated I can say factually I have lost 1%1/2 inches and am now 5' 1/2" since age 25.

Most people I have met have lost some length due to spinal depression caused by poor diet and STRESS.

It isnt how much feet or inches we retain but the increasing quality of our insights and strength of our SOULS.


In Matters Of Importance

Ron is a giant compared to the others.

Dr. Ron Paul WAS 6 ft tall (Read Below)

How did I miss this thread?

FACT: Most men begin losing height by their late 40s and by age 60 lose one inch of height, and then another inch is lost approximately every 10 years thereafter. (NOTE: Very tall or obese men will lose slightly more height over time than shorter/thinner men with good posture.)

Ron Paul was over 6 feet tall in his youth, which was considered especially tall in the 50s and 60s. He now is about 5'10" going on 77 yrs of age this summer.

And for those who are questioning Rand Paul's height, he is about 5'7".

Compare Ron and Rand Paul: http://youtu.be/NDRfjsKkft0

Consider Mens height chart through life: http://www.halls.md/chart/men-height-w.htm

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I will give him 5'11 . When

I will give him 5'11 . When he walks he seems a little shorter. Gingrich is like 6'1 6'2. Romney is 6'3 but lean. Santorum is 6'4

So they all make him seem shorter, and his slouch doesnt help

I have a pic of him beside me..

I'm 5'11", he's about an inch shorter, no more than 5'10".

'Cause there's a monster on the loose

I've learned

After continuously misjudging people's height in a varitey of situationts, I have decided that perception of height is more related to how you think of a person, especially in relation to yourself, than actual physical characteristics.


That settles it then. Ron

That settles it then. Ron Paul is the tallest person in the world!


How Tall Is Dr. Paul?

Curious at your question, I looked up a picture of me standing next to the good Dr. Paul at the conclusion of his historic Press Conference in the National Press Club in summer 2008. I am 6'2". In the picture, the top of his head reaches about one inch above my eyebrows. I guess that makes him about 5'11".

As someone noted, he often slouches just a bit.

Siegfried R. Reiner

from what I understand from past Bio info,

he's about 6'1"

he looks 'shorter' because he's aging.

sometimes I feel SOOOO bad that it seems like he's literally 'dying for us' or we're 'loving him to death.'

the man is born of Great Depression. he's frugal as hell. in 2008 cycle he always wore black SNEAKERS, the comfy kind, because of pain from long hours of standing.

and the suits, oh the suits. he's frugal. he's literally wearing the same suits from 2008 cycle. it's not that the suits are too big. it's because he's literally 'shrinking' before our eyes!

poor Carol, she can & SHOULD simply retire with her sweetheart and play with laughing grandkids & holiday dinners. but nope, the she knows it's his calling. the Doc knows what he's doing is his destiny. he'll fight till the day he passes on beyond the yonder.

I literally pray for his health, almost daily. & cringed at the horror of Moe Joe's diner incident where he had virtually zero security: no room to move, no exits, just unruly obnoxious a-hole MSM cameramen & pressitutes, when all he wanted to do was reach out to actual voters.

I hope our enthusiasm for him, his philosophy, larger philosophy of natural rights & voluntarysm, our relentless support, including financial, is enough to sustain him where he actually does become the POTUS.

sooooo glad he looked immensely happy tonight.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul

Ron Paul is 7 feet tall!

He shoots fire balls from his eyes and bolts of lightning from his... FINGERS!


That's a guess. I've stood next to him several times over the years. I don't think he's tall but he's not short either, just average.

We met him in person....we think he's about 5'9"sh

but we're not totally sure, of course.

I've met them all in person in different years, times & events.

In 1988 Ron Paul was a tall and agile 5'11 1/2

In 2008 he was 5'10 1/2

In 2012 today he is 5'10 if he straightens up tall.

Now Rand Paul is 5'8 1/2

Oh course I did not have tape measure with me at these events but I do pay very close attention to such things ...

If you want to know who is unusually tall, its this Jewish guy who stands out at 6.5. He married the governments legal prosecutor of Timothy McVeigh and gave GW Bush a birthday party cake -- you've seen him dozen times -- Here he is interviewing Doctor Paul here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7_r6REg7fI


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Funny you asked----

In the last campaign they news media used adjectives to make him sound small--just one of their marginalizing tricks! (As if us short people aren't as credible)
So I made it a point to notice his height in the pictures I have been in with him. I would guess he is a good 5' 9" which means he must have been 6 ft or so as a young man.


I met Dr. Paul in 2007. I am 6 feet tall, and I would say he is 5'9" or 5'10".

how can we have people

saying he is 5'9" and others 6'2"? that makes no sense!!!!

10 feet tall and

10 feet tall and bullet-proof.

NCMarc's picture

I am 5'10" and I've met Dr.

I am 5'10" and I've met Dr. Paul at least 10 times and he is definitely taller than I am by a good couple inches.

I had to look up to him, which I would regardless if he was 4 foot!

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I think I read somewhere he

I think I read somewhere he was 6'1".. so prob 6'~ ish now.

They make him look short on TV, by using camera angles. The Shortest is actually Michelle Bachmann who is only 5'2" If you watch the debates she actually was standing on a box with heals.

Rick Perry is also short He's around 5'10 but wears lifts. Rick Santorium is 6'4

Images like this where they all look the same is a fallacy it's a trick of TV.


My guess is 5' 11"-- but with a hunch.

Judging photos, Ron looked about 5'11" during the Reagan era. Reagan himself was also around 5'11" or so. His vice-president, George H.W. Bush, was 6'2", and appeared to be around three inches taller than Reagan in most photos. Ron Paul was roughly the same height as Reagan, so he is probably 5'11".

It's possible Dr. Paul has shrunk, but I doubt it. More likely, he appears shorter today because he does not stand erect with good posture anymore--he has a permanent sort of "Groucho Marx hunch."

Also, photos can be misleading with height distortion. As an artist, I can tell you that a few inches deviation perpendicular to a horizon line of perspective can make objects or people look much larger or smaller.

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When I met him in person

I thought he was taller than he looks on TV. Just a bit shorter than me, and I am right at 6'

5' 10" is around 1,80 m (for

5' 10" is around 1,80 m

(for the Euros in the house)

you lose height as you age

he was probably 6' in his youth.

now he's probably 5'10" and add a little slouch in there when he's not drawing himself up straight.

Ron's 5' 8" or 5' 9"

Rand is short, around 5'6"

I know for a fact he's over 6ft.

I thought he was 6'2" or more.

Rand is 5'10"

I'd say he's probably about

I'd say he's probably about 5'9" maybe 5'10". My gf I met him got our pics with him, shes 5'3" he's a good 6 inches taller for sure.

I have stood next to him numerous times...

I am 5'10". He is about that, maybe not quite that. He is defintely NOT 6'!

But he IS a giant!

Hes 510 or 511. I dont know

Hes anywhere from at least 5'10'' to 6'0''; I am 5'9'' and had my picture taken with him during the 08 campaign. I dont know about the other candidates. As crazy as this sounds, Social Psychologists have studied the effect that the candidates height has on voters. Some research has suggested that voters are more likely to favor a candidate that is taller than another candidate that is shorter. Don't know if thats the case here, but it wouldn't suprise me one bit if the media would resort to such a tactic considering their record.

I'm 6'4 and I think he is 6'3

I'm 6'4 and I think he is 6'3