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NH Primary 5% reporting - Mitt 36.6% - RP 24.6%

Results for New Hampshire Republican Primary (U.S. Presidential Primary)

Jan 10, 2012 (5% of precincts reporting)
Mitt Romney 5,185 36.6%
Ron Paul 3,486 24.6%
Jon Huntsman 2,087 14.7%
Newt Gingrich 1,628 11.5%
Rick Santorum 1,428 10.1%

Just google the phrase "Results for New Hampshire Republican Primary" for updates.

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I wish Paul could reduce Romney's margin below 10%....

If he wins by double digits the Media Whores will still spin it as a "landslide" for that dunce Romney....Good to see Huntsman go down though...

Ron Paul'08

5% of Precincts are in now...

...and Paul is UP to 25% now! Awesome!.. totally comfortable 2nd-place position leading Huntsman by 10%!


This "surge" charade the MSM is trying to pull is absolutely ridiculous.