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Breaking News Urgent - C-Span Has Joined The Conspiracy. Blackout of Ron Paul on C-span Ticker

C-Span Has Joined The Conspiracy

I started watching C-span at 8:00pm ET. The were partnering WMUR in New Hampshire, but C-span is running their own Ticker. That Ticker is not showing Ron Paul. They have Blacked Ron Paul out.

I called WMUR to confirm. WMUR Is Showing Ron Paul in second place on their broadcast. The news room people are very nice at WMUR.

No need to Bother WMUR. However, please contact C-span with e-mail and phone calls.

If someone can forward me their phone and Email I will place that information at the Top of this thread.

The people of the United states must know that a corrupt process has taken over our election process...

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Please Document This!

Take a picture, video, screenshot or whatever. Then post it to YouTube or to some image website. Nobody is going to help us but us. If the media is shirking its responsibility then we have to expose them using social media (while we still have enough freedom in this country to do so!)

This is very important. The role of media that our founding fathers envisioned was one that would hold the government's "feet to the fire". Unfortunately that isn't happening so the average citizen has to expose this.