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Paul Campaign To Republican Field: Drop Out, Unite Behind Paul to Defeat Romney

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire—Rep. Ron Paul's campaign called on the rest of the Republican field to drop out of the race and unite behind him in order to defeat Mitt Romney.

“We urge Ron Paul’s opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul’s candidacy,” campaign chair Jesse Benton said in a statement.

Read the full statement below:

LAKE JACKSON, Texas, Jan 10, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ron Paul tonight scored an historic second-place victory in the 2012 New Hampshire Primary. Below please find comments from National Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton:

"Ron Paul tonight had an incredibly strong second-place finish in New Hampshire and has stunned the national media and political establishment.

"When added to Paul's top-tier showing in Iowa, it's clear he is the sole Republican candidate who can take on and defeat both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

"The race is becoming more clearly a two-man race between establishment candidate Mitt Romney and Ron Paul, the candidate of authentic change. That means there is only one true conservative choice.

"Ron Paul has won more votes in Iowa and New Hampshire than any candidate but Mitt Romney.

"Ron Paul and Mitt Romney have been shown in national polls to be the only two candidates who can defeat Barack Obama.

"And Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two candidates who can run a full, national campaign, competing in state after state over the coming weeks and months. Ron Paul's fundraising numbers -- over $13 million this quarter -- also prove he will be able to compete with Mitt Romney. No other candidate can do all of these things.

"Ron Paul is clearly the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney as the campaign goes forward.

"We urge Ron Paul's opponents who have been unsuccessfully trying to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney to unite by getting out of the race and uniting behind Paul's candidacy.

"Ron Paul has the boldest plan to cut spending, a dedication to protecting life, and a lifelong dedication to the Constitution and limited government. He also has the necessary support to campaign nationwide against Mitt Romney.

"Our campaign is already planning ahead for South Carolina, Florida, and beyond. Soon Ron Paul will head to South Carolina to begin a feverish round of campaigning.

"Ron Paul is in this race for the long haul. And he is ready to fight.

SOURCE: Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign Committee


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Tell you friends, family, neighbors! Spread the news on the Net!!

We must build the momentum and RESTORE THE REPUBLIC!

Even with so many attacks and dirty tricks by the media, the momentum keeps rolling.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity

Well Said

Jesse Benton nails it
my thoughts exactly!


It's real.


This should be the link in the original post.

Nice move, Jesse.

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"It's The Corruption Stupid!"

Ron Paul is the only anti-corruption candidate.


I think that is a challenge to rommney! Mittens are off. Expect to see ads attacking rommney

Semper Fortis




Everyone go here and tell public policy polling to poll Texas this weekend where Ron Paul should do well as it is his home state:

Ron Paul is one bad mutha

Ron Paul is one bad mutha

Not sure if this sorta

Not sure if this sorta arrogant posturing is gonna help us right now. Think folks are more drawn to Dr Paul's humble yet forceful speaking of truth, not this sort of bravado. I don't know. Don't mean to be a naysayer, just don't wanna go around turning off undecideds...

That was my first impression

But I changed my mind when I read it. It's a compelling argument.

That said, most of the votes and delegates are in front of us.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


At the same time

this is going to get some serious publicity and at least get the "non-romney" people asking the question. Huntsman doesn't appeal to the non-romneys, and the other candidates really are unelectable, 100%.

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Progress is precisely that which the rules and regulations did not foresee. - Ludwig Von Mises.

Yeah, on second reading, I

Yeah, on second reading, I think it was stated diplomatically, not arrogantly. I spoke too soon so I retract what I said. Nice work Mr Benton

Complete Balls Out


"It does not take a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men."

--Samuel Adams

Paul has earned the right to

Paul has earned the right to brag after all the bullcrap he has taken.

Now were talking

This is a Bold press release

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights

Total slap in the face to Mitt.

Total slap in the face to Mitt. It's bold and I love it.

Who is being slapped, again?

I had to read it again. Actually, I think this press release is a slap to the other GOP candidates. Mitt may have felt the splash.

I think Ron Paul must have played chess at one time.

I went with Mitt at the height

I went with Mitt at the height of my excitement last night. This morning I would call it a GOP slap.

Of course!

We support you, Ron Paul, to the White House! As for the others, they will fall in as they realize that the alternative is Fakery and Disaster.

This is the best thing I've

This is the best thing I've read in quite some time..... "and he is ready to fight." I love it!

A nation of sheep breeds a government of wolves.


It was so awesome at the polls today.... - I was so lonely last time (4 years ago)BUT TODAY! Ron Paul peeps showed up and were EXCITED - no ONE has MORE excited voters then Dr. Paul... the drones showed up for Romney but they were just doing what the MEDIA told them to do... BUT Dr. Paul supporters BUCKED the system and SHOWED everyone that Dr. PAUL is the conservative alternative and really our only way out of the mess we are in!

"Many of us agree that you and I have no right to use coercion against people who don't owe us anything. The same prohibition applies to groups of people who constitute the government. The reason is simple: unjust acts do not become just when legalized. "


That's pretty bold!

I didn't think that he'd outright say something like that.

Wow, we can have Santorum's

Wow, we can have Santorum's two supporters! YEah!

Ron Paul or Bust


Sounds like a good idea to me!