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Surprised we didn't get Santorum'd with Huntsman.

Anyone else?

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If the media had another week to propagandize it would have been much closer.

Lots of Independants

One thing is certain, once Dr. Paul's victory speech hit the airwaves, his numbers increased. That was the best, what could they do? They couldn't censor him. Cspan "lost their signal right after End the Fed started.
The prayers work! God Bless Ron Paul!

To nights results question Santorum results in Iowa!!

I do not believe one can come out of know where and do so well in Iowa, and then so badly in NH, without asking the question; what REALLY HAPPENED in Iowa?

The Winds of Change!

what will happen in Iowa

I think RP will take more than 1/2 of the delegates out of Iowa. Though we won't know until June.


me too

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Cos Cob, CT

there was a surge

but i am pleasantly surprised that he was not able to overtake Dr. Paul !!
he did rise from single digits to high double digits though !

Dr.Ron Paul's 2002 Predictions

I'm a little surprised too.

As someone noted below, Hunstman didn't put the work in NH like Sanatorium did in Iowa but I thought the media snake-oil pitch was going to work..that or an outright robbery.

They messed up... Second for someone like Dr.Paul will most likely translate into first very soon.

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I think they played the so-called Huntsman surge a bit late

They probably should have started the "surge" stories a bit sooner. Whatever, the voters didn't buy into it nearly as much as happened with the Santorum "surge" in Iowa.

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Maybe the whole

youtube vid thing hurt huntsman.

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No, I'm not surprised

Santorum was able to change things so fast in iowa because it was a small state and he worked it hard. I mean look at all the counties he won in Iowa, he had a small number of votes less than 200. NH is a primary with much larger number of voter, it is very difficult to surge in a short time.

Actually we did

Santorum was pumped up before Iowa only to take votes from Dr. Paul so Romney would win. In Hew Hampshire, Huntsman was pumped up to take votes from Dr. Paul so Romney would win. Classic split the vote. Otherwise Dr. Paul would have won both states!

That's what is freakin the media and GOP out right now.

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Is santorum grandfather a nazi ??

Post vote speech he said that his grandfather was Austrian and fought on the Russian front, That would mean he was probably in the waffen SS.

I think he meant the Russian

I think he meant the Russian front in WWI.

I thought he was Italian and

I thought he was Italian and Irish?

yeah me too, maybe his

yeah me too, maybe his grandfather was a pow a lot of the German pows were allowed to stay in the country where they were kept after the war, England and Scotland had a lot stay I guess not much too go back to.

So what?

What matters is Santorum's views, not his grandfather's.

I know

just pointing out

Yeah. Polls didn't look good


Polls didn't look good honestly for us.

But Dr. Paul out-performed expectations, so that is a huge victory going forward.

Surprised me to.

Surprised me to.