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Ron Paul's ROCKSTAR Victory Speech!

Sorry if it's already been posted, but here it is!


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YES! Best RP speech of the 2012 campaign...

So relaxed, and effective. Still the same ol' message, just the most comfortable and concise version of it I've heard since the 2012 election begun. WOW. I'm amazed, and awestruck.


Wasn't it just bizarre seeing all that pure TRUTH being aired by CNN? I could hardly believe they just let him talk! It was SO good, so DANGEROUSLY GOOD! ;)

Not just CNN...

...like the Iowa victory speech, it was also aired nationally on Fox News and MSNBC.

HUGE audience for both speeches. Tonight's must've been especially large - prime time at 9pm ET.

It's nights like these that will grow his campaign numbers as well as the liberty movement.

Millions of viewers

I wonder how many million must have watched his brilliant speech.

I am sure millions will join the freedom movement :)

I just hope people are staying up and watching

because who knows what kind of hack job they will do to his glorious, amazing speech by tomorrow.

But I agree, this HAS to expand the liberty movement and his popularity...SOME people are going to catch this!