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Iran Sanctions Oil Embargo vs. Treaty of Versailles

I am not a huge history buff, but I have been doing research on the Iran sanctions at work. The stuff going on right now is very scary.

1. Iran's currency has crashed, thanks to all of these sanctions, especially on the central bank of Iran. They are now going to the gold standard. All imports are much more expensive for the country.

2. The EU is looking to prevent its 27 nations from buying oil from Iran, as a kind of embargo. This has led Iran to threaten to block the Strait of Hormuz. This can lead to oil prices over $200.

3. Other nations like India, Japan and South Korea are unsure in how they deal with sanctions by the US that strike out against all nations and companies that get oil from Iran. They are looking for exemptions from the US or clarity on what significant cuts in purchases of Iran oil means.

In the meantime we have the GOP candidates saying we need to be tougher on Iran. We have Obama who has been ruthless against Iran compared to Bush even. We have a bunch of nations like the EU on our side now as well. This ruthlessness reminds me of my understanding of the Treaty of Versailles where too much ruthlessness was put on Germany that may have led to World War II.

This issue can easily divide the world. China is on Iran's side and the worse things get the more likely I think China may take dangerous actions against the US.

I know people say we need to attack Iran because we can't just stand pat like we did against Hitler. But I don't see that analogy working because Iran has not really invaded other nations. I think where we are is more closely tied with the Versailles Treaty but perhaps on steroids.

Maybe I am over anxious here about this is just more reason to make Ron Paul president. Does anyone else see the similarity here?

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Yes I see it.

Except the only difference is that the treaty of Versailles was created because of WWI; while as our sanctions are an unprovoked act of war.

BTW, this is the sequence of events as I see it if Ron Paul doesn't get elected. Iran blocks the straights, China supports them, the U.S. invades Iran to remove "weapons of mass destruction" (and reopen the straights), we place sanctions on China because of currency manipulation (and because they support Iran), China places sanctions on the U.S., Trade war begins, other countries rally to Iran's cause and invade Iran to liberate it, we are then dragged into a decade of war and a severe depression, while our civil liberties are diminished even more.

It is an enormous simplification to speak of the American mind. Every American has his own mind.

~Ludwig von Mises

Yes. I can see any of the

Yes. I can see any of the above happening in many different sequences, all of which are scary. The longer and stronger the hatred builds the worse we will be as we bring the whole world into this conflict. This is really the worst danger we face. We will be better off with Paul's leadership.