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The road to a Brokered Convention

I feel for Ron Paul to capture the republican nomination, it will come down to a Brokered Convention. I think Paul knows this as well saying he will accept victory as being able to speak at the convention.

I do not know to much on how to achieve such a thing, but I do not see to many posts on this and think this topic is valuable to bring up.

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Brokered Convention Analysis

Interesting article..

"Essentially, no state, including Iowa can vote to bind delegates prior to February 1st. The results of the Iowa caucus are nonbinding to the eventual Iowa National Delegates. I have a feeling that the 120K Iowans who met at their local church or school were not aware that they were participating in little more than a second Ames Straw Poll. Who was aware of this? The astute Ron Paul campaign who realized that there were two important votes on Tuesday."


SPEAKING at the Convention is only giving lipservice

to Ron's message. The BIGGEST INROAD would be for Romney to try to get rid of the Federal Reserve. He won't even promise that as a long term goal, because his campaign bread is buttered by those entities, including Goldman Sachs.

I think like we all think~~~NOTHING WILL CHANGE IN D.C.~~~the disparity of elitist rich to poor will widen. The NDAA will not go away. Things will worsen economically in this country, and the dollar will be devastated, wars will continue, jobs will worsen, etc.

We will NOT vote for Romney regardless of what happens. That is for sure, because we voted for McCain last time as lesser of two evils, and we won't do that again. ROMNEY is no different than OBAMA.

Maybe, though not sure how it

Maybe, though not sure how it would affect our efforts to help him win the best he can in every state.

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