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Exit poll: Ron Paul wins poor, young and independent voters in NH

According to Fox News exit polls, older voters were Romney’s comfort zone: He won a plurality, 39 percent, of voter support from those over 40. But Paul was the choice of 48 percent of voters under 30 years of age — a percentage more than twice as great as Romney’s.

Paul also narrowly edged out Romney among Granite State voters with household incomes under $50,000. But Romney decisively won the wealthy vote, and did so by greater margins at each successively higher income stratum.

With a 37-percent showing, the Texas congressman also bested Romney among first-time primary voters.

Read more: http://thedc.com/wSGF9U

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can you please change the terminology on this thread

from "poor" to "lower income" or "non wealthy"

i was proud that i recently started making more than 50k, recently. I hadn't realized until i read this thread title that I just barely made it out of the "poor" bracket.

As the song goes

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose." :)

Don't forget the singles vote. He smashed it there.

Hands down.