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CNN focus group moving towards Paul

Seven undecided voters in the CNN focus group said they now have decided on Ron Paul. It seemed like he changed the most minds or at least just as many as Romney. The announcer tried to make it look like Romney overwhelming changed minds, but then he didn't count them because it looked like Romney only had about the same.

Ron Paul knocked it out of the park tonight with that speech.


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Great line about "war profiteers"

One of the best responses from the focus group was when Paul slammed "war profiteers". Cut the military by cutting funds to war profiteers, not our troops and not our defense.

The attack is a little raw and needs to be tied into the larger crony capitalism, corruption, big business in bed with government theme. But it is a great issue because it attracts true-blue patriots who want money to go to our troops and not Lockheed Martin and GE; and it attracts OWS types who hate the favoritism that big business gets.

Combine "I served" with "fund the troops, not the defense contractors" and you've got a powerful message for SC that actually calls for cutting military spending.

Women responded better

The reaction meter showed women consistently responding better to Paul whenever he mentioned the wars and bringing the troops home, when he talked about cutting spending so we could help those still dependent on government, even when he was delivering liberty applause lines.

Very exciting considering there was a gender gap towards men in NH.

yes pls women voters step it up..

26% vs 20 in nh won't cut it..

Thank You Maitski for capturing that!...

I was so hoping someone would capture that MSM backfire, and you did! What a telling story that is not only for how SC can play out but the rest of the state primaries/caucuses.

hahaha oh MSM, your so pathetic

I loved how they tried to paint that the room would be OVERWHELMED with Romney support...but he gets the same amount of hands as Paul.

I know its hard CNN, but the corrupt empire is coming to an end.

MSM Misinformation!

MSM clowns constantly ask Ron Paul, why is it that you get such strong and unrelenting support from the youth of this country? I'll tell you why because our generation has grown up using alternative sources of media to get our information and base our opinions on facts, not misinformation, "reported" from the MSM. Videos like this just go to show how the MSM manipulate and lie to the American people to push their own agendas that DO NOT have the American people's interests at hand. Ron Paul 2012


The think that baffles me about this clip is the fact that he asks who is for Huntsman twice and then says something interesting happened earlier when mentioning him.

Umm he is a Mormon moderate who has always polled low and doesn't make much room for social issues.
Why would he poll high or be worth talking about in SC?

The media has just gone nuts lately. Can someone make a documentary later about how awful they have been, especially in this election cycle?

"Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it."- Ron Paul


That speech was awesome! I heard a caller on CSPAN say that he voted for Huntsman, but after listening to Ron Paul's speech, he wished he had voted for Ron Paul. A guy on twitter just tweeted that even though he didn't agree with all of Ron Paul's platform, after hearing his speech last night and agreeing with everything Paul said, he is now considering him. Another guy said in an interview that by listening to the TV, he thought Ron Paul was a nut, but after listening to this speech, he is ready to support him.

Jason Burns

Welcome to the r3VOLuti0n!


The dial lines began climbing

right after Ron said "it's time to bring them home!" However, they cut it off at that point rather than let it undermine the story line. I remember during the speech CNN had the dial line from SC on screen and there was a sustained rise after that line.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Yes, there was a lag in the responses meter

If you viewed it in real-time you could see it climb about 2-3 seconds after an applause line. But if you show a clip of it and cut it off after the line is delivered you don't see the response move. Pretty dishonest.

It was a 7 to 7 tie

between Romney and Paul. I reviewed the video several times to get a good count.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Ron Paul's 7 = 7, Mitt's 7 = "pretty good number"

Interesting how the only votes they don't specifically count are Romney's, instead opting to embellish his number as "pretty good."


Foxes focus groups never had anyone decide to vote for him. Wonder why? (sarcasm)

Because unlike Foxes screened voters

These were truly unbiased, undecided voters. Like 7 or 8 of them raised their hands when asked if they moved closer to voting for Paul tonight. It was kind of funny too because the guy asking went through a few candidates with almost no one raising their hands and almost reluctantly asked if anyone made up their mind for Ron Paul and 7 or 8 of them shot up and the one woman he was quick to point out "was considering a few options" you know they cant make it look too good for Ron Paul LOL

I will say this, after watching that focus group, my opinion of South Carolina voters somewhat changed, I dont know why, I guess I got it in my head they were all stubbornly opposed to Ron Paul because of those faked Fox focus groups. If Ron can get Rand to help him out down there in SC he could have a very good showing down there as well. 20% or even better.

the one guy

even said that if he cant vote Paul he would vote Obama, Iam sure the gop love that.

would've been better

if he'd said he couldn't vote for any of the other Republicans. Naming Obama your second choice doesn't exactly endear to the Republican electorate.

I don't claim credit for

I don't claim credit for this, it's someone else's work.


Great news: Perry and Santorum look dead in the water and Ron appears ready to surge. Furthermore, if you watched the dial-tracking, it is clear Ron is starting to pull in the female vote.

That announcer looks like a total fool when he does the big setup for Romney.

and lets go to the video

I just posted about this above, exactly what happened with it too. Again I think these are actually real undecided voters unlike Foxes faked Frank Luntz focus groups of "undecided voters"

I hate the way they show

I hate the way they show Romney's high line, and Ron's low one. Ron had plenty off the charts..the cartoon chart.

Did ANYONE record CNN during this Whole Thing??

I'm not shitting you, and if we can get the clip to this it'd be awesome!

After they called the race with Ron Paul coming in 2nd and all, they go to Ari Fleischer who proceeds to breakdown the results. Being the Bushite neocon that he is, he points out how according to exit polls, the bulk of Ron Paul's support came from independents and folks that have voted Democrat in the past. He glibly states that Paul's gleaning support from the moderate to liberal folks rather than from a Republican party that's increasingly "conservative."

The best part comes NEXT. Anderson Cooper says, "well their campaign would argue that this is what makes them best able to beat Obama, because they bring in voters from ALL GROUPS OF PEOPLE..." Then, like solid gold, Ari Fleischer whips back, "yeah, but Ron Paul isn't gonna get the nomination..."

Ari Fleischer, Bush acolyte, effectively ADMITS THAT RON PAUL IS BEST SUITED TO BEAT OBAMA, but that he isn't gonna be the nominee. We can USE THIS. Did ANYONE record it? I need the clip to put together a video.

I noticed the exact same thing

About 7 people said they were now going to vote for Ron Paul. Then the host was like "how many were swayed toward Mitt Romney". The camera was panned in too closely to see the whole crowd but you could still see a lot of them and it looked like approximately 6 or 7 had their hands up. But the way the host said "okay now how many were swayed toward Romney" created an expectation that like half the room (or more) was going to raise their hand. I really don't think this manipulation is by accident. I think there are many subtle tricks they're using. It's just crazy how many reporters are in on this. It almost makes me question this theory to begin with. But I've seen too many instances of clear manipulation against Ron Paul to NOT be very suspicious of the subtle things.

Another example was John King (who is married to Dana Bash - the woman who Jesse Benton got upset with yesterday) saying that Dr. Paul is 79 (rather than Dr. Paul's actual age of 76). They try everything possible to make him a "less electable" candidate.

Video of participant "Ron Paul or else I'm voting Obama"


Live on CNN, (oops moment for CNN, truth revealed)

I don't entirely get it

Ron Paul is a fiscal conservative, small government libertarian. Ideology and policy wise he is diametrically opposed to everything Obama and other big government individuals stand for.

I wish the reporter would have asked this guy the simple question: "Why?". Because I don't really get it.

Why would he vote for Obama? Does he look at it as a lesser of two evils thing? Is it because Obama comes across as a little less hawkish on foreign policy compared to the other Republican candidates?

While I do have to admit that my stomach turned a little when I heard him exclaim he'd vote for Obama (I'd have been a lot more happy with "Ron Paul or bust"), the fact is that Obama remains a strong contender in the Presidential race.

Let's not forget that in the 2008 election almost 70 million people voted for Obama (10 million more than for McCain). While the situation has since considerably changed and his overall approval rating is currently rather low, I'm convinced a lot of independents, undecided and possibly even apathetic voters will still lean towards Obama over a hawkish Republican nominee.

Ron Paul on the other hand might be able to pull of a win, but it's definitely not going to be easy.

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That was so obvious I almost

That was so obvious I almost felt sorry for the shitheel. I counted 7 each. (I liked how our guy faked his way in by saying he was undecided)

Cos Cob, CT

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You still up north Pastor Paulie?

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He doesn't have to stray from

He doesn't have to stray from his core convictions, but he should develop succinct talking points on Foreign Policy that best summarizes foreign policy of a Paul administration:

1. Strong on National defense, anti-militarism, in that order.
2. Why Anti-militarism? (when pressed): Militarism undermines the National Security, serves special interests and not the American people, and taxes/destroys the economy.
3. On National Defense: A Ron Paul Administration will repeal the power of King. The US will go to war only if necessary given a legitimate clear and present danger to National Security with congressional authorization. Declare the war and win it.

This isn't brain surgery folks. Ron Paul's position on Foreign policy should be his strong point, not his achilles heal. 90% of the problem is his positions have not been represented accurately coupled with the fact that 90% of neo-cons and the American people do not understand his positions.


policy is more than just national defense. It includes trade--jobs, jobs, jobs.

Skip down to "what the next president faces"




that rocks