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During her talk about NH election tonight - Sarah Palin "First Dude went Rogue" in regards to Newt endorsement

Palin says her hubby on the wacky side backing Newt, but that's just Todd.


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I say, who cares about Todd

I say, who cares about Todd Palin? I couldn't give a rats tail what Todd Palin thinks. Now with Sarah.. thats another story.. just wait till she endorses Paul and sends us over the top.

Exactly! Who is Todd Palin

Exactly! Who is Todd Palin that anyone should care what he thinks? Why is it every idiot who gets a moment in the national spotlight suddenly feels like their opinion counts?

She better hurry....


"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

I agree

But...it's different this year, this primary season its who can run distance, not sprints.

Here is my thinking on her endorsement possibilities

No Endorsement until there is a winner 50%

Ron Paul endorsement 30% (she would already have endorsed, except for Israel)

Santorum - 10%. (Santorum was higher with her, but he has lost MO, and is too corrupt for her)

Perry - 5%

Gingrich -3%

Romney - 2%

Yep I'm hoping

That would seal the deal.