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Doug Wead w/Chris Matthews on MSNBC 1-10-12

Absolutely best Doug Wead performance yet!



One gem after another ...

My faves:

[Why is coming in second for Ron Paul ... a victory]

"Because it's Mitt Romney's home state."

"Thank God for Al Gore and the internet...people can look up the facts."

"This is no longer a country of the pundits, by the pundits, and for the pundits."

"He's incorruptible."

"Now your car mechanic can tell you about the Federal Reserve."

"Here's an old country doctor...who's incorruptible...you can't make up something like Ron Paul."

And a whole bunch more. Wead is a god.

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bump for the tube

bump for the tube

I've got to see this. Youtube

I've got to see this. Youtube please.

Doug was fantastic as usual.

Doug was fantastic as usual. Matthews was a dick.

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As usual,

re: Matthews.