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Jesse Benton on CNN NOW! 12:05am

Check it out.

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I missed it but I must say

I missed it but I must say I'm starting to believe in this Benton kid.

Cos Cob, CT

Maybe it's because he believes in Ron Paul now.

Like many of us, Ron Paul may have turned him around. He used to be really bad, so bad that many felt he was an infiltrator trying to ruin Ron Paul's campaign in 2008.

Caught the end of it..thanks.

Caught the end of it..thanks. I had turned them all off because hardly any talk about Ron. Sigh. Even after the interview they just changed to the others. They just do not see Ron as doing anything in SC.

Awsome job by Benton

I see a much different stance now by the campaign and for good reason. Secondly I do see some small positive words by the media as well...We have a long way to go before I will watch the mainstream media on a regular bases.

We are well on our way, and we are gaining momentum each day!

Ron Paul 2012

These surrogates for the Doc...

...are a wonderful touch for the campaign. Gradually...a potential game-changer.

Three well-spoken gents from three generations - Benton, Rand, and Wead - each armed with great liberty-oriented sound bites, a genuine appreciation of the doctor, and the ability to extend the message in a complimentary way.

Wouldn't a woman to add to that trio complete the package? Rachel Mills? Angel Robinson?

And Tom Woods.

And Tom Woods.

Aren't you missing one?

The Southern Avenger, Mr. Jack Hunter!

He had a bad interview and I think he got "benched" from conducting live interviews with the media slimeballs, but the dude is a liberty magician.

He is great when he is on offense!

You TUbe


Benton is Killing it!!!!!

What an interview. The campaign is pumped! He means serious business. Hell. Yes.