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How we can beat Romney

I am out there fighting the good fight. I have an idea for a great ad. First, we should show Romney, were he says regarding starting a war with Iran, :"I would talk to my generals and do whatever they say." Then, we show the clip of the President (Peter Sellers) meeting in the War Room with his generals. George C. Scott is trying to convince him to continue the nuclear strikes against the Soviet Union, which were ordered by a top general who has gone bat-shit insane. Here, we have a general trying to convince the president to do a nuclear strike.


Then, we play the clip where Ron says "I'm the Commander-In-Chief, and I say: Bring the troops home!"

Do you all see the potential here? This ad would show Romney for being the warmonger that he really is.

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Sane or Mad.

S.A.N.E. = Society Against Nuclear Explosives.
Insane = M.A.D. = Mutually Assured Destruction.

Ron Paul policy, = Non-Aggression, Mutually Assured Respect,
+ the Golden Rule, the Constitution, Individual Rights, Liberty.

How we can beat Romney?

"Well, I guess just by telling the truth like I did last time." - Ron Paul

It's Time to hit Romney on HIS LACK of electability....

That is a sticking point with many voters...it can be combated by stressing the latest polls that show Ron Paul fully competitive with Obama in comparison with an UNVETTED Romney....

Ron Paul'08

repeat everyone

"romney is not electable"

spread that message.


"paul is the only candidate that can beat obama"


spread that message

At least watch the video

If you do nothing else, at least watch the video.

"I support the Declaration of Independence and I interpret the Constitution."

Pro-War Protest Picture

That picture of Romney protesting for war (when he knew his status as a Mormon missionary exempted him from the draft) needs to be put in a commercial and emphasized HEAVILY. That's pretty horrible hypocrisy (in addition to all his flip-flopping).

We tell the truth Like Paul does,

Just give them the facts!!! Romney is big government, funded by the banks and Wall.St that the bailouts went to, and he supported those bailouts. How is that conservative? He was for the bailouts before he was against them. Flip Flopper! He helped create Obamascare! LOL!! He is for shredding the Bill Of rights to indefinitely detain Americans without a trial!