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How The Campaign Might Appeal to SC Militico's

"The soldier, more than any other prays for peace"
Gen. Douglas McArthur

Given the fact that the MSM is painting agrim picture for Ron Paul in South Carolina because of military bases and military contractors - perhaps this should be a line of attack?

Stress that obama campaigned to end the wars. Romney is rattling (no,wait... he's not rattling a sabre....he doesn't have one) he's talking big about Iran.

Stress the mothers who have lost sons and daughters...the kids who have lost fathers...Show RP in Uniform...stress he was a surgeon who treated our soldiers.

Stress the fact he gets more military support (how many servicemembers donated thus far)...

A commander in Chief..."AND I WENT!"

I lost my dad in Vietnam in 1969...The clip of RP saying that gave me chills.

God bless Ron Paul.

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The American people have great respect for doctors, especially surgeons, especially military surgeons who save lives.

"It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged." G.K. Chesterton

He Saved Lives - Then...He'll Save Lives NOW!

They'll have no Kryptonite against him.