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Check out this guys paintings

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Awesome work.

Most likely he supports

Most likely he supports Romney. The temples on his website are Mormon temples.

Doesn't mean he supports Romney 100%. I am Mormon and... well you know who my vote is going to.

Not necessarily for Romney

I'm mormon too, went to the same college and art program as well. Not a Romney fan. So who knows if he is or not.

He even hasthis painting with Bernanke behind Obama in the background among the usual round up of Americas's arch villains (ie ahmedinajad, kim jong il, putin etc.) So he seems to at least know the federal reserve is a bad thing. Whether or not he's aware that Romney does not share the sentiment is not clear. If he isn't a Paul supporter this information could be used to sway him in that direction.

Wow, I wonder if he's a Ron Paul supporter?

Awesome, everyone needs to see this! Go Look!

If so, he's not up to speed on Lincoln.

Including Lincoln in the paintings shows he's not that well educated on the damage that Lincoln inflicted on the US.

On the bright side, Lincoln,

On the bright side, Lincoln, did keep America intact and end slavery. Although, he did choose to damage liberty and wage war to accomplish this. We'll never have the "perfect" government or society but we will always strive to become better, which equates becoming more free, as I'm sure we all agree. We can look to the past and identify many "mistakes" but perhaps these should be observed as lessons. Whether it was a good choice or not I'm sure we can identify some good from it. It is always the duty of the future generations to steer our path back on coarse. I feel that our society has evolved enough today to return to freedom and maintain it with more success than ever before. We're helping them realize this. A simple return to the Constitution, how revolutionary.

Read "The Real Lincoln" by Tom DiLorenzo.

I can guarantee, you'll have a different perspective.


Yeah I noticed that also