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Learning to love "Ron Paul Can't Win"

Been gone from here a while, since 2008 I think. Anyhow below is my email to Kimberly A. Strassel, Potomac Watch columnist at the Wall Street Journal:

As an avid supporter since 2007 of Ron Paul -- the only candidate in either party who offers real cuts in federal spending to address growing federal debt and who will avoid deficit-building wars that are undeclared, unjustified and unconstitutional -- I want to thank you for "Why Ron Paul Can't Win" (12-16-2011 WSJ).

During the last campaign, I was offended when media and party pundits said he couldn't win, even though I knew they were right back then. Who are they, I wondered, to say who can and cannot win before voters even cast a ballot?

This time, after Dr. Paul's strong showing in Iowa and even stronger second tonight in New Hampshire, the only thing left to do is win! So I have adopted a new attitude: Every five times I hear that arrogant refrain, I respond with a donation to his campaign. Your piece triggered $500, if I recall correctly, and tonight I celebrated the usual post-election punditry, including some serious uncorrected factual errors on CNN, by shelling out another $92 for mailing much-improved brochures to voters in one of my local precincts.

Keep up the good work!

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