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See how your state did last election (2008) here

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Idaho May 27, 2008

Ron Paul 29,7XX 24% 32 Delegates

Voluntary Association + Mutual Cooperation + 110% Personal Responsibility = 100% Individual Liberty

don't compare directly, here

Remember: all those results were following on from disappointing 5th place finishes in Iowa and NH. Hell, in IA, CNN's chart didn't even show Paul's name. It was just blank there!

This time around, we're starting off with a HUGE chunk of the votes coming our way in IA and NH, and a credible claim to being the only viable non-Romney option.

This is a whole new ball game.

That's not to say we don't have major work ahead in the remaining states, just that it's a far more appealing task when starting off with these two solid finishes than it was back then when we were struggling to even get mentioned at all.

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.


Thank you for the link - it was quite helpful. Looks like we really have our work cut out for us as Paul only recieved 4% in SC in 2008.


same here 4% in Missouri.Wow!Unemployed and have work cut out for me ,in my neck of the woods.